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Friday, July 8, 2011

【中国】Part 2: 广州白云机场 / 九华宾馆 / 恒宝广场 / 长坂回转寿司

The fake eyelashes makes me look like having heavy make up. >_<

Me with spec at KIA's toilet. XD

Hahaha! LCCT in KL and Baiyun Port in Guangzhou were too crowded with people so I was very paiseh to take photo in the toilet. Wuahahahahaha!

Baiyun Port (白云机场)

Reached Guangzhou airport at almost 10am. The flight took around 4 hours to land. Everything was so new to me because everything was in chinese! Unlike Malaysia, everything is in English/Malay. Haha! Once you have stepped in China, you can easily see its crowded population. As you can see from the photos above, THERE IS SO MANY PEOPLE AH!!!

Then, we booked a van and headed to Changshou Road (长寿路) where the Jiuhua Hotel (九华宾馆) is located. The van costed RMB300! Since we have 6 people so each one paid RMB50 for the ride.

The entrance of the hotel.

The hotel is located at a very crowded street where both side of it are full with shops selling various stuffs like clothes, watches, shoes, food and bla bla bla! The price was not expensive as well where we paid RMB168 for a room with two single beds one night. If you convert to RM, it is around RM84 lor. The room was quite clean but the door of our room was damaged which you couldn't open it with the card except key. It means that everytime you wanna get in the room you have to look for the staff and ask them to open the door for you. >_<

There is a restaurant at the ground floor of the hotel so you don't have to worry to be starved. Haha! But we never try that restaurant! LoLz!

This photo is especially for Na Na coz she asked me to see whether the tortoise at China is different with Malaysia or not. Nah! Now you can see, they are the same. Hahaha! And I admire the people there a lot because with such location, stand, cages and animals, she is able to start her business!!

After settling everything, it was lunch time!!!
The place we had our lunch which is located at the left side of the hotel! =D


See the egg? Apparently that's what I ordered. Hahaha! The egg was hard but the rice was ok. You see the prawns not? The prawns were not pared and there were too many prawns which made me feel like cannot chew them smoothly. Haha!


I never try that before and I only tried the soup. It tasted like, erm, mix of spicy and sourly tastes. Haha! Well, you can choose to have spicy or non-spicy but my friend didn't tell the boss her option so the boss gave her a really spicy one! LoLz..


Yes, tauhu hua! My another favorite dessert. Haha! The taste is totally different when you add soybean to it! And it is amazingly delicious!! The tauhu hua sold here is always too sweet but the tauhu hua at China is not too sweet but ngam ngam ho! LoLz..

After that, we went for shopping at Heng Bao Plaza (恒宝广场) which is located not far from the right side of the hotel.

One of the entrances of Heng Bao Plaza.

And hor, I found something very interesting and I played it like I am a kampung girl. Oh ya, I am a kampung girl. I admit that. =P

Tada! That's it!

Once you put your umbrella into the hole and pull it to the side..

You will get your umbrella wrapped!!

That's definitely a very convenient machine to prevent wet floor in the plaza. The left hole is for short umbrella such as the one I showed and the right hole is for long umbrella. Very interesting right?? Why don't we have that hor?? LoLz..

It's quite a big plaza and we spent our whole noon there. A lot of shops were having sales at that time but I din buy anything. Haha! After that, we went back for showers and out again for dinner!!

Tada~ We had sushi as dinner!!

The shop is located at the left side of the hotel. Not so far if you walk. Why did we choose it? Look at the left side of the picture. Haha! You got it. HALF PRICE after 7pm. LoLz..

The sushi were all waiting for me. =P

Hmm, the free tea reminds me of the Sushi King at Kuching because Sushi King doesn't provide free tea anymore!! Here, you can refill the tea anytime on your own. HOW??

By pressing your glass inward from the round-button like stuff. =)

Those were what I had eaten. A lot right? Haha! I am an eating monster!! The taste ok ok only lor. Not big different with what we have here. And I forgot the price already. Haha! Louzy memory...

Plates finished by six of us. =P

My friend bought a local sim card to call back to Malaysia and it was so damn expensive!! It costed around RMB65 if not mistaken and the number wasn't a pretty number!! However, it was still better than using DiGi over there because with only around 1 minute talk, DiGi swallowed RM8!! Money-eating monster!! LoLz..

Well, that's all for our first day in Guangzhou. Stay tuned for the following days!!

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  1. much 1rmb to rm ar?
    i even donno wat the malaysia price lo..
    RMB is china d price ar?

  2. RMB = RenMin Bi
    RM = Ringgit Malaysia

    The rate is around RM1 = RMB2
    So everything you spend at China u divide by 2 then it'll be our prices here. Very cheap lor. Just like having 50% discount everywhere. Haha!

  3. Ooo... I just converted money yesterday at Boulevard 富丽华. Now is RM0.69 = 1 人民币。
    Looks like Malaysia Ringgit depreciated against Chinese currency.
    By the way, may i know you visit this 恒宝 shopping is random choice or you planned to come here? just wondering


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