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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rebecca Black Is Back!

Rebecca Black, an American pop singer who gained extensive media attention with her 2011 single "Friday" is back! "Friday" has been dubbed as "the worst song ever" and as of June 15 2011, the video had more than 166 million views, and 3.2 million "dislikes" (87% of total ratings) from YouTube users. Some even said that she can even compete with Justin Bieber for the most "dislikes" from YouTube users.

In case you don't know the song "Friday" please kindly watch the video below.

Monotone? Sounds like Chipmunk? Whatever. The fact is she successfully gained the extensive media attention and most people know who is REBECCA BLACK. Although the comments were all of negative.

After being complained for months, she's now back with her new song "My Moment".

My comment: This song is somehow better, and Rebecca Black is somehow prettier (although I can't help keep looking at her chubby cheeks and thick lips). However, the verse is surprisingly nice but I am kinda disappointed with the chorus.

If you notice the comments below, you can see that top comments were liked by almost 5000 users! Keep refreshing and you can see the numbers of likes increasing. AWESOME!



  1. I think she made a great comeback!
    She looks and definitely sounded more prepared! =)

    I like the new Rebecca Black!

  2. Somehow there is people complaining "The Moment" sounds just like "Friday" but I think it's much more better than "Friday".

    Thanks for your comment. =)


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