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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

【中国】Part 6: 深圳世界之窗

Still, I prefer my HD2's camera. XD

Finally, it's not about shopping, eating but HAVING FUN!!
There's be a lot of photos for this post and it copes with my laziness well. I don't have to write to much and you all can just enjoy the photos! =)
Besides, my geography is so louzy and there are many buildings that I dunno which country they are from. Haha!
Well, the Windows of the World is a place where you can find a lot of significant buildings and nature all over the world such as Paris's Eiffel tower, Japan's Mount Fuji and etc. Of course, they are of tiny size compare to the real one. XD

The entrance of metro station. =)

I love the egg tarts and prawns burger. Why don't we have that here??

I have no idea about the International Beer Festival. XD

Ready to go in! RMB140 per person. =)

The monorail! RMB20 per person if I'm not mistaken. =D

The following photos were all taken while I was in the monorail. =)

Eiffel Tower.

Haha, see the KFC? We had our breakfast there. =D

The monorail took around 15 minutes and then we walked around the place for the whole day and we din even finish exploring every single parts of it! It's too big dude!

The Grand Palace of Thailand. 

Then, we reached the Japan area. Haha!

Ivin and I with the Japan's buildings. 

See, all those tiny people are tools only. Not real one!

Bamboo forest! XD

Oh no! Kena tangkap foto! Haha! XD

Mount Fuji!! Tiny one. Haha! XD

This is Venice! 

Pisa Leaning Tower!!

Dutch's Windmills!

Carriage!! I wonder how much does it cost?

Entrance fee: RMB20

Do you know what's the lane for?? 

Have a look at the video to reveal the answer.

We got very excited after seeing people playing that and we started to grab a tyre and wait for our turns!
Queuing up... 

Ta da!! Me after playing that game! XD

It was toooooo cold inside and after staying for a while we moved to the skating rink.

Another entrance fee: RMB20

The place to get our skating shoes.

That was my very first time wearing a pair of skating shoes and they were so damn hard and they made my legs so painful!! NO MORE SECOND TIME!! >_<

Envious of those who can skate well. 

Well, I only "walked' (Yes, walk, not skate) around the skating rink once then gave up already. Haha!

The Eiffel Tower is just not far from the skating rink! 

Jurassic Park? Haha!!

It's the harvesting season for Lychee at that time and they were so sweet!! Well, you have to buy it but not to pluck it because it's forbidden to do so!

Since it was getting late so we went back to take our luggage and head to railway station to go back to Guangzhou! 

The train. =)

I miss that SOOOO MUCHHH because it's so crazily damn tasty!! That's the meal on the train. I forgot the price but quite expensive lor. But then it tasted sooooo gooooood!!! T^T

Finally, we went back to the Jiuhua Hotel (九华宾馆) again!! 
We spent the following two days at Guangzhou shopping and shopping and shopping!!
Erm, should I end my trips here or should I share about those two days also??
I got a little bit lazy already and I can hardly remember what I had done. XD

ANYWAY, it's already 1.19 am and I guess I should go and sleep now. I slept at around 5.20am yesterday and I was so tired the whole day. GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!! XD

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  1. wow, the place are sooooooooo nice! so beautiful! next time if got chance sure i want to visit it :)

  2. Yup, the place is nice. You must go if you have chance. But if can you should go earlier, sometimes there'll be traditional performances of each countries. When we went there, it's already around noon time so we miss all the performances. XD

  3. wad thing u kiap under ur armpit?? hahaha! LOL, the one u kena tangkap foto with Ivin~

  4. Umbrella lah! Very hot mah! LoLz..

  5. Hahaha! No place put then no ppl help me to take so kiap at armpit de lor! XD

  6. Ivin is my friend who's working in Kuching! Erm, she's a girl.


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