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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do you still remember? (I will keep updating every moments with her..)

I first met you during our orientation. We were in the same group.

We had fun together, shouted out the slogan together, did the funny action together..

Laughed on 'Someone" together which got us closer and closer..

And we had the nicknames - Gorilla 1, 2 and 3..

When we were scolded, we cried together..
We went to classes together.. walked together.. ate together..
We even skipped classes together..

Still remember I asked for Joan's and your phone number..

Sent both of you a message at that night, greeting you gorilla and good night..

That was the first message I sent to you..
Still remember you recorded the LOs acting gorilla..
But we found out.. You " wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu" was sooo obvious in the video..
We really laughed for a long long time..

Still remember you always overslept until I came to your room..

And waited for you outside your room..

And you always used your perfume.. Pssiit! Pssiit!

Still remember you fetched us to Pizza Hut to celebrate my birthday..

You and Joan pretended to go to toilet..

In fact you guys went to take cake..

But your laughters were too obvious and found out by me..
Still remember we got lost and explored the road in Kuching together..
Even though it is manual but you were so steady!!
You were always our driver!
Still remember we acted monkeys at my apartment at Block B..
And suddenly my housemates went out from her room..
We laughed until soooo crazy...

Still remember you promised to fetch our friends without any hesitation..

Even though you might be scolded by ur ex..

But you still kept your promises..

Still remember we went out to buy Joan's birthday present..

We got our gorilla's shirts..

Joan's is grey, mine is black, yours is pink..

I chose it for you..

Still remember we celebrated Joan's birthday at her room..

We took photos and then we found out that..

You opened your legs so wide and we laughed on that fo so long..

Still remember we translated the song [Dangerous] into foochow..

And we sang it so loud in the car.. "Wei hien" "Ngai bo"

Even laughed out when we were just listening to the song..

Still remember you asked Joan how is the song 1.4 minutes?

In fact, the song title is 4 minutes but since it was the first in your play list..

You defined it as 1.4 minutes.. Once again we laughed..

Still remember we celebrated for Sing Yu's birthday..

And we were scolding why were you so late..

But at the same time.. we were worried about you..

Still remember we went to The Spring together..
We went to SCR and ordered soooo many dishes..
Ate until soooooo full!!!
[Still remember, you terbalik wear your cloth..
and Joan remind u then u direct rush to change it and when u back..
we keep laugh about that..
Still remember, we even take ride on unimas BUS and went to old campus..
Guess wad? no bus back new campus, then we terpaksa having dinner there..
and wait for next bus. [i forgot the schedule of bus]
Still remember, u and TCP go visiting and in bus..
GUESS wad! u said to TCP "my bra dai..."
hahaha..that is our secret! AND we laugh on that many many times..] From Joan..
Still remember i gave you the birthday gift.. The little red Patrick..
I asked you not to bully it.. And you answered
"I won't de lah! He now guai guai taking care of my car key eh!"
Still remember you came to my house to take notes..
You came to my shop to buy things..
We chose for Joan's birthday gift...
Still remember I went to your house at night to give you the necklace..
And we went for KFC after that..
To celebrate your birthday but it was fuxking cold there..
Still remember we went to your house during CNY..
We read your Methodist Magazines and look for you..
Still remember we said that your laughter was so weird..
Just like a damaged toy..
But you laughed louder and louder..
Still remember I said that I didn't have make up kit for Glam'O Tech..
Without hesitation..
You lend me your whole make up kit..
Still remember we rushed back during revision week..
My bro came and fetched three of us..
My sis-in-law even said that you were the most active one..
Still remember Still remember Still remember
But why were you gone just like that?
Without a farewell.. Without a sign..
You just left us lots of memories..
I miss you.. We miss you..
I know you are with God right now..
Without pain, without stress..
But full with happiness and peace..
You are our ANGEL!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Nature Republic的指甲油真的好用又便宜下!