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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Does it call narcissism?

I dunno how silly do I look when I purposely put on make up and dress up like I'm going out but actually I just stay at home for camwhoring. It's not the first time already. But still, it's a very rare case OK! Because I'm too lazy to put on make up and also to remove the make up after a 'long time' of photo shooting. Yes, I always take A LOT OF photos but most of them are sucks. Here, I've chosen some photos which are 'not so sucks' to share. LoLz..
Narcissism is the word I've found while I'm trying to translate the word "自恋". An online dictionary defines it as the excessive love or admiration on oneself. So, I guess I've got the correct word for it?? Correct me if I'm wrong. My English is poor anyway~ =X
Honestly I should be busy doing my assignment tonight but I end up doing all these meaningless things.. LoLz. I'm always 'extra lazy' when it comes to my studies. Assignments, mid terms, FYP... Anyway, I'm satisfied to have finally updated my blog and yeah, it's time for ASSIGNMENT!! =P


  1. 很漂亮的眼睛!!
    I like your eyes!

  2. Thanks. I prefer my eyes too if compare to my nose and mouth! Hahaha..

  3. My dear Joan Tang is much more prettier!!


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