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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HTC HD7 or HTC Desire HD?

Those who know me in real life definitely know that I am currently using HTC. Don't ask me anymore is it Desire?? Let me tell you, it's NOT! It's HTC HD2. Most of the people know about HTC Desire HD through the promotion from Digi and if I'm not mistaken, Maxis has been promoting HTC HD7 few months ago. However, I'm not really interested in signing contract in any centre to get a new HTC because I'm too lazy to calculate for the benefits and costs I would get. In fright of 'rugi' I would like to buy a new one from HTC centre IF I could afford. =X

HTC has been awarded as "2011 Device Manufacturer Of The Year" by the GSMA.

For more information regarding HTC, you can visit its main website at HERE.

In this post, I would like to share two models of HTC which I am interested in! The first will be HTC HD7!


Known as the Monster entertainment, it's clear that HTC HD7 is definitely a good choice for FUN! One very important aspect for me to consider when I'm choosing a phone is its camera. One thing I love about HTC is that even though the camera is only 5MP but it's several-fold better than 'some other brands' with higher MP. Another thing I love about is its wide 4.3" high resolution screen. HD7 is specified with 5MP color camera with auto focus and dual LED flash. This specification is the same with HD2. Besides, it's definitely a good choice for recording or filming. The quality is the best among all the phones I've used before. As you can see above, the HTC HD7 comes with a 720p HD camcorder. I'm nost sure about the HD2 but since HD7 is a higher graded version than HD2, for sure it's a better phone compare to HD2!

Next, HTC Desire HD.

I have asked a friend (not really a friend of mine but my friend's friend! =P) who's working at HTC centre regarding HD7 and Desire HD and he said that HD7 is more for FUN with the excellent entertainment it brings and Desire HD is more to its usefulness for a business man. Many website claim that HTC Desire HD is probably the best Android phone ever made. It comes with upgraded Sense UI showing your friends' Facebook status when they ring and can download maps for usage when you're offline! This sounds interesting! =)

Yes, this is a 8MP camera with dual LED flash, capable of recording 720p HD video!! This makes me excited! In my opinion, HD7 is with a prettier outlook but Desire HD is with a better function!! Which one do you prefer and perhaps your opinion could change my mind! =P

P/S: Don't compare it with iPhone. I cannot afford it! I'll be loyal to HTC! Well, not in a long run. Because people do change due to many factors! =X


  1. htc desire hd is beautiful too! :))
    i thk im getting it tonight :DDDD *excited*!!

    so which one did you choose?

  2. I'm more to desire hd right now!
    Better function! =D


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