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Saturday, February 12, 2011

UFO or what?

We found this shining unidentified object flying in the dark sky on the way for dinner just now.
My bro: Look! That's an UFO!!
It's just a joke. But he really thought that is an UFO! =P
It's actually a kite. Looks small but actually it's sooo huge!!
The owner of the kite purposely landed it for us to take photo!
What a nice and friendly person! Thanks a lot! =)
Somehow it's tooo bright in this photo! LoLz..
Isabelle with the huge kite.
Now you know how big it is! =P
The owner told us that he sew the LED one by one on the kite!
I think that takes a lot of time!
Moreove, the LED have to be sew neatly! With appropriate distance!
This's another view of the kite.
Double Love! =D
Err.. I love this photo because Belle's pose is weird. LoLz..

This video is taken by my youngest bro with his E15i showing you the scene when the kite was flying!! Enjoy!! =D

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