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Monday, February 28, 2011

Exams Are Coming!!

Mid term exams are just around the corner! Third year biotechnology students from UNIMAS will have one test tomorrow and another on Thursday. Subsequently, there is another test next week! Are you all ready with the exams?? I AM NOT READY YET!! =X
Have you done with your revision? I wonder why am I still here since I've not yet finished my revision! Err.. Wish me luck! Please~! =P
And hopefully I can do well in the exams!! Pray for me!! =D
Study hard or smart? Try both will be the best solution for better result! Wish those who are going to sit for exams soon a very good luck and all the best!! Especially all those from third year Biotechnology and also my dear Joan Tang!

P/S: Next post will be the 100th post so I'm thinking of something special to share. =)


  1. =( cham liao.. i haven't revision for today.. sigh.. tomorrow exam die liao.. T.T

  2. You at lab kah? Why no revision??
    I saw Winnie and SSL jz now oh! Haha..

  3. ya, me at lab.. no result today =(

  4. Hmm.. Don't worry. Will be fine soon! Concentrated on ur exam first! Good luck!! =)

  5. thank you for wishing me luck in ur blog.=D
    Good luck to you too~^^
    I guess ur next post will be your 十字绣

  6. Wei.. Don't 'cai chuan' me..
    I wan fast fast take photo on ur that one and start doing liao..

  7. I mean the "Jesus Love You" that one


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