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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Which Magazine Do You Read?

Which magazine do you read? Or should I ask, do you read magazine? Or magazinesS? For me, I bought my first magazine during lower six which was ifeel. I still remember the cover girl was Cyndi Wang! Unlike the tiny-sized ifeel u can see in the market now, the magazine was still in large size. I got more than 20 ifeels at my house! =X
iFeel March 2011
iFeel is known as the most comprehensive fashion magazine portal, for urban people from age 15-30 years old. The most important thing is that it is cheaper than other magazines so I can afford it! Although it has changed to a smaller size the contents are still rich enough. Besides, it's a local magazine so most of the items introduced can be purchased more easily! It's about time for me to grab the iFeel March 2011! =D

You can visit ifeel's website by clicking THIS!

Vivi March 2011
Vivi is originally from Japan published by Kodansha. The target age group are teens and young women between 17-27 years old. Vivi is popular enough among the young generation. I never buy Vivi because it's quite expensive. To what I've seen last night, the price is RM18! Besides, the contents are more to Japan style and it's not really suitable here. Or am I the one who's being too conservative?

Mina March 2011
Mina is another magazine originated from Japan. However, there is international chinese version of Mina available in Malaysia since 2008. I've never bought Mina before too but if you are interested in it you can visit its FORUM. There are a lot of discussions regarding the latest fashion inside.

Popteen March 2011
Popteen is a monthly teenage fashion magazine published by the Kadokawa Haruki Corporation in Japan. It is one of Asia's top fashion magazine. The magazine if famous for having a "user-model-business-model" where its readers become models in the magazine. It is notable for its coverage of Gyaru fashions. I got to know this magazine through the forum too and I found out that most of the cover page of Popteens are 'bling bling' enough! Guess it is suitable for younger girls! Visit its site at HERE.

Actually there are a lot of other magazines available in the market such as Cleo, Jasmine, Nu You, Quisy and etc. Which do you prefer? What kinds of contents do you like? For me, I still love ifeel so far. The contents are young and it is affordable! =D


  1. iFeel suits Malaysian, like us. LOL ~ my elder sis also bought iFeel, last time CLEO.. btw, I bought Nv You because it was cheap with rich content (the books so thick ah..) Like to see the colorful photos and fashion girls/boys inside, even though I can't afford to buy the expensive whateva thingy inside.. ~.~ I love MagazinEsSSS! I used to be the magazine collector during secondary school le.. but not fashion magazine, it's Y-Generation. I bet you heard it before. Lastly, remember to borrow me your latest iFeel once you bought and finished it ! Hee~

  2. Yup, iFeel suits Malaysian! CLEO is in English right? I have one Nv You too you wanna watch it? At my bro's house. It is rich in content but I'm not really interested lor! Only now I know that you love to collect magazines.. Haha! I know Y-Generation but I never buy. Got read it before from friend. Sure I'll lend you de lar! Maybe this Fri or Sat will out then can purchase lor! =X

  3. yup, i want !! together borrow me with your latest iFeel ba.. =D

  4. Haha. OK! No prob! Maybe next week har! Haha..

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