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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Chap Goh Meh & Field Trip to DBKU

Chap Goh Meh 2011 has just passed!
I know it's late but I would still like to wish everyone Happy Chap Goh Meh!!
P/S: Mr. Potato, I din really go and throw the orange mandarin so here's a pic for you!
Some ppl might be curious why there's a fly in the pic. (Although it looks more like a mosquito but please treat it as a fly ok??)
 "Fly" was my nickname during Form 6. Yes, WAS. So don't call me FLY anymore.
P/S: Mr. Potato, I'm waiting for your special 'sh*t chocolate'. LoLz.. 
Yes~ We had steamboat just now!!
There were too many food to eat that I din try every food.
I only remember I ate a lot of cabbages.. Haha..
They tasted excellent!! I never know that cabbages can be soooo tasty!!
That's all for me sharing about my Chap Goh Meh! LoLz..
Then, I would like to share about my field trip to DBKU on last Wednesday which is 16/02/2011!!
DBKU stands for Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara!!
I only manage to know its full name when I reached there! =X
 Here's a pic showing the building of DBKU!
We went there by bus~
There were almost 100 ppl including all my coursemates led by 3 lecturers!
When we passed by the gate of UNIMAS, Jacq found this and asked me to take a photo of it.
The circled man was sleeping!! zzZ..LoLz
There was a short briefing but there was a mistake on the slide.
We are not working on human ok!! It's sooo unethical! LoLz..
Then, there was tea time for us!! Yohoo~
Haha, always got so excited when there's something to eat!! =P
These were the dishes prepared by them!!
I miss the green bean soup soooo much!!! =P
The place we had our food was at the highest floor of the building!
Therefore, the scenes were soooo attractive!!
And the most fabulous thing is that the floor was slowly spinning!!
That's mean if you stay for a longer time, you could possibly enjoy different scenes by just sitting there!!
But becareful lar~ Easily got pening pening bah..
Here's a pic taken!! =)
After that, it's time to visit the Cat Museum!!
I just know that Cat Museum is located inside the building of DBKU!! =X
This's the entrance!
I'm not sure about the entrance fee but we all went in for free that day!
There were a lot of cat statues, pictures and etc. inside.
I know tiger is under the category of cat but it's weird to have a tiger surrouded by sooo many cats!!
 I felt like to sit on them but there was a notice stating "DO NOT SIT".
 Yaya~ Garfield is a CAT!!
 The big guy Ezral and the naturally curly-haired Sallihin with the Garfield!!
Crystal cats!!
Even the stall opened there was selling all cat products!!
Of course, Hello Kitty is a CAT too!! =D
Jacq said this cat is stretching its body doing yoga.. LoLz..
Anyone knows whos's this??
Ya, it's Cat Burglar!!
Well, even with the name I still dunno who the hell is she.. =X
A photo of Jacq with the pretty backgroud before we leaved.
It's an enjoable trip but could anyone be kind enough to tell me what should I include in the REPORT??
About what we had eaten??
About the Garfield??
About the Hello Kitty??
Or the Doraemon??


:) :( ;) :D ;;-) :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-O X( :7 B-) :-S #:-S 7:) :(( :)) :| /:) =)) O:-) :-B =; :-c :)] ~X( :-h :-t 8-7 I-) 8-| L-) :-a :-$ [-( :O) 8-} 2:-P (:| =P~ :-? #-o =D7 :-SS @-) :^o :-w 7:P 2):) X_X :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^ :ar!

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