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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Historical Moment: My First Vote In My Life!

Today is the day everyone got so nervous because it's time to vote and select our new representatives!! And this year, I'm eligible to vote! Hohoho! Finally~ I have reached sibu early in the morning and on my way back home, my dad asked:" Who do you wanna vote? " and I answered :" I'm not sure..." Then my dad started to bla bla bla explaining everything to me but I was so sleepy at that time so I din really know what he's bla bla bla about. Btw, I have my own decision already lar! Shh.. It's a secret!! LoLz..

Took a short nap when I reached home then my brother wake me up for lunch and then we were all ready to go to VOTE! =P

Erm.. camwhoring first. XD
Since it's the first time I take part in voting so I was so nervous and kept asking my sis-in-law Jennifer about the process of voting. She told me to show my IC to the first table, get the ticket from the second table, walk to another counter to 'pangkah' my choice and then put inside a box located at the centre of the room.

She also kept reminding me to check whether ticket is dirty or teared or whatever to avoid the vote to be voided. At the same time, she reminded me to 'pangkah' my choice CLEARLY! LoLz..

When I reached the place I voted which is SMK Sacred Heart (So coincident that's one of my former schools!), there were a lot of ppl standing at the front door kept smiling and shaking hands with EVERYONE who walked in and saying:" Please vote XX ". I purposely bowed down my head to pretend as I DIN SEE the guy but then a girl approached me and said again:" Please vote XX ". I looked at her with an EXTREMELY BLUR EXPRESSION for seconds and she got sooo 'meaningless' and approached other people. Wuahahaha! I was laughing in my heart. =P

Ok, finally got in and I had to check which room to vote first.
The left one is mine and the right one is Jennifer's. Mine was at room 12 and Jennifer's was at room 4. However, Jennifer's voting place was Catholic High School but not SHS. LoLz.. I'm not sure what's the meaning of the number written on them (might be to ease the job for searching our names) but my brother got so nervous to buy toto already!

Well, it's really an absolutely simple process and please don't ask me who did I vote because I WONT TELL! =D

Now all voting places have been closed and what we have to do is WAIT FOR THE RESULT TONIGHT!!


  1. u brother ada kena toto ? haha

  2. Tiada! Saya sudah check sebab saya pun ada beli! Wuahahaha..

  3. Seems like most chinese vote DAP worr...

  4. Hmm.. I din mention anything my post right? XD


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