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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My So Damn Cute Nephew -- Tieh Hieng Wei!

Visited my so damn cute yet so damn handsome nephew, Hieng Wei yesterday morning and I'm really sooo in love with him! He's so adorable and so lovely what! He got real excited when he saw me! Although he din call me 'aunty' or 'gugu' but his facial expression showed his excitement! LoLz

He's my cousin's son and he is only one and half years old! He's extremely naughty that he always runs and rushes here and there with his unstable mode. I'm so scared that he'll fall ler! XD

Here's some videos about him! =D
He was actually so focus on the TV but once he heard the music shouted :" THREE! TWO! ONE! " at around 00.27 then he turned around with his super duper exciting face and started dancing! SO CUTE!! XD

Failed to do a dancing pose then after he had stabled himself, he did it again! Watched this video for few times but I just can't help to LOVE HIM MORE!! So adorable!!

Cute Hieng Wei dancing on the chair! No worry, my cousin Ming was near to him at that time to prevent him from falling down. He even frowned while he was dancing! When he got so dizzy then he sat down and not to forget to continue frowning! XD

Well, I visited him again this morning and he showed so many patterns to me such as hug me real tight, 'cubit' my face and etc. He even cried when I was going home. But I wonder whether he really didn't want me to go back or he wanted to follow me to go out to play! XD

Ok, that's my cute nephew, Hieng Wei!

After I've edited this photo, I just realize I've used the word 'AUNTY'! OMG~
Btw, this photo was taken by my cousin Ming! So fierce ler~!
Argh~ So wish to have a cute son like him right now! >___<


  1. Lol~ ehem ? your last sentence ?? Pergi kahwin lo ! @@

  2. the kebab on MilkAdeal is totally look like Shit,da bian!
    scare tiok me as i scroll down! hahahaha!


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