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Monday, April 25, 2011

Huey Chyi's Birthday + Enjoyable Night!

Had my first paper this morning and I had no confidence at all. KNS! But I dunno why I din have much strong feeling towards that. "Look Open liao" LOL

Went back to hostel then I started to play "Plants vs Zombies" until slept. XD

At 6pm, I went out to Taka to buy Huey Chyi's birthday cake with Hua Sien and Ivy because it's her birthday today!! =D

The left one was taken last Saturday before I was going to PC fair. Not get used to wear such kind of outfit. Oh ya, I got apply eye liner oh! Can see? Shit my shaking hands! =P
The right one was taken just now before I wan going out to Taka. XD

After that, we came back to Sakura's Tower for dinner.

We had chosen this cheese cake! But they said not nice. Haha! XD

Adeline's hands act as the candles' guardian! LoLz
The birthday girl with the birthday cake! =D
Happy Birthday Huey Chyi!!!


Then, I was told by my friend that my thesis is not necessary to be submitted on this coming Thursday and I was so damn happy and relax and I immediately decided to go out! XD

Went to Everrise located at BDC with Hua Sien and Ivy. Our main purpose was to buy masks but the shop was not opened so we went to Popular to buy books. I have bought 2 books which were [Don't Ever Think I Am Bluffing] and [Life Is Short, Be Yourself]. I've been so emo some times ago and I think it's time for me to recharge and turn back to the old me who's with positive thinking! XD

Hua Sien also bought 2 books which were [Romance 101] and [Take Charge Of Your Love & Romance]. I just realize both are about Romance. LoLz. She even MMS me the pictures of the cover of the books but sorry ah Hua Sien, I dunno why the photos can't be found in my MMC. >____<

Ivy also bought her [山楂树之恋]! LoLz
Share with you all about the book [Don't Ever Think I Am Bluffing] first because I am gonna read it tonight! Hoho! It's quite an interesting book using comic to bring out the lessons. Suitable for a lazy person like me. XD There are four chapters which are about The Philosophy of Love, Work, Success and Life. I'll try to share some nice contents next time ya! =)

Then, our next destination is Dessert Paradise located at Jalan Song there.
I've been noticing this shop for soooo long but it's my first time to step in! XD

Its environment is not bad bah! Take a look at the pictures below! =)
All of us ordered DouFu! Each costed us RM5.00! XD
My DouFu with Mix Fruits
Hua Sien's DouFu with natadecoco
Ivy's DouFu with Red Bean

After that, we went back to hostel. Since my next paper is on NEXT TUESDAY guess I'll be started writing my thesis tomorrow. Or else I am so gonna being shot to death soon. XD

Good Night Everyone! =D


  1. being shot to death? U think u are zombie meh!

  2. Haha. I want to read your [Don't Ever Think I Am Bluffing] ! I like that book too. If you don't plan to buy, I'll buy oh ! =P Btw, I like the photo with Adeline's hand acted as candles' guardian. Nice oh. [The Philosophy of Love, Work, Success and Life] ? Later don't include the contents in our last paper (HPS) o.. =X

    Ya, jia you in writing your thesis !! add oil !

  3. Dear, I'm not zombie but the sunflower! XD
    Huasien, I finish the book liao. But give some days later OK? Not bad oh! LoLz.. I wont write those in HPS lar. Later Ismail kills me! XD

  4. Hua sheng after u read the book don't return the book to TCP, pass 2 also want to read that book.


  5. 我带回去给你啦 你叫她不要还给我 她要怎么给你啊? 你很奇怪哦!!

  6. 哈哈~花生能啊~我做会去民都鲁。哈哈~是你不懂我的行程啊。我这叫做超级无敌霹雳多办法啦。

  7. 你是在嘲笑我吗?哈哈哈!

  8. 对,我就是在笑你。还笑得特别大声叻。
    arhantulila la u...

  9. 你很坏.哈哈哈!

  10. 所以叫你割爱咯。哈哈

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