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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Main Main At Pangako

Pangako is the name of a lounge in Sibu. I've been there for twice and before this I don't even know its existence because my friends prefer to go to Manila since Polo Lim is working at Manila. However, for last two nights, I went to Pangako since Ivin is here and she wants to sing! LoLz

In Pangako, there are philippine girls performing frequently. I din drink beers, no worry. I din even drink Green Tea! I just sit there enjoying the performances! =P

Ok, tried to record some performances 'secara curi-curi' and uploaded to YouTube. Will I get caught for that? Tell me if it's going to happen so that I can take appropriate action. XD


When you see the demarcation line I think you should know that it's something out of topic again! XD

The left one was taken LONG LONG TIME AGO with messy hair! LoLz
The right one was taken yesterday morning!
This was taken using BlackBerry 9800. The camera OK not?
I'm thinking wanna buy it or not! =P

It's Wednesday and hope everyone will have GOOD MOOD today!


  1. Really?? Haha! Thx for commenting! Then I consider first!XD

  2. LONG LONG TIME AGO that one looks sexy + mature + pretty :)

  3. Ever been to Pangako tho I'm from Sibu too, where is that place? btw, nice blog :)

  4. Deonne, thanks! LoLz..
    Miss Mellisa, Pangako is located near Ice Pub oh! You know The Beach? Just around there! =)


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