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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[Book] Don't Ever Think I Am Bluffing

As I promised in my last post, this post will be my sharing about the book [Don't Ever Think I Am Bluffing]! I just love it so much! I love BOOKS bah! Except those used in schools. XD

This's the cover of the book. Ignore the frame ok. XD

Next, the introduction of the author...

Can I translate the author's name into "Damn Touching"? Hahaha! She's a young but awesome female blogger from Taiwan who blogged using illustrations but not words and photos! And I admire her creativity so much!

Visit her blog HERE then you'll know her more!

In this post, I'm gonna share some contents which I think are super duper nice that make me laugh like a crazy ppl last night. I wonder did I scare my room mate huh? Haha! As I've said, this book is divided into 4 chapters which are The Philosophy of Love, Work, Success and Life. I'll share one story from each philosophy and if you think it's nice, go and grab one quickly from Popular! The price is only RM22 with 20% discount off for member. =P


The Philosophy Of Love
Lesson: Respect the Privacy of Others


The Philosophy of Work
Lesseon: Don't Make Things Complicated


The Philosophy of Success
Lesson: Do It Now.


The Philosophy of Life
Lesson: Don't Be Ashamed of Asking for Help


Ok, I've done my sharing. How do you feel about the book? Nice or not? Yes, I'm very generous that I can lend it to you if only you are my friends. LoLz! Others please go and purchase this book OK! It's not expensive and it's really worth to purchase bah! Go Go Go and ENJOY IT!! =D


  1. 我也有看到这本!在popular的!超有趣的!

  2. Know lar know lar~ Fast fast go buy lor!! XD


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