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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Incredibly Amazing Night

Erm, again.. Camwhoring photos first!! LoLz..

The left one was taken this morning and the right one was taken last night. =P

OK! Back to the main topic!!

On April 15 I was involved in an wonderful outing suggested by Hua Sien and planned by my dear Joan and Hua Sien! The story started during the 'taklimat' when Hua Sien showed me her exciting expression asking me did I have any programme on that night. LoLz!

Ok, our first station is [Station One] located at Hills. It's quite a comfortable restaurant. I use the word 'comfortable' because we stayed for quite long! Haha! Btw, the environment is so damn good and relaxing! Regarding the food... they are nice! =D

On the menu...
On the stand...
On the receipt... LOL

This is my yestea - RM4.80!
This is my Grilled Chicken Chop Rice - RM13.50
My dear Joan ordered the same food as mine! =)

Hua Sien with her Baba Rendang Chicken Rice - RM13.90

Huey Chyi with her Special Salad Fish Fillet Rice - RM12.50

I was trying to take a photo of the counter and interior environment of Station One but somehow that table became the main focus in this photo..! =P

A photo hanging on the wall!
That's another reason why we stayed for so long. We saw a sexy girl with three guys came in and then they took a book from the stage and moved away. We were guessing they could possibly be the performers so we kept talking and waited fo them to perform. After some songs then we left! =P

For more information you can visit its website HERE! The site is amazingly cute! =)
This giant rabbit looks familiar right?? I took a photo with it before during Valentine Day.. At that time it was still in gold color but now it has dyed its hair to become snowy white!! Somehow the rabbit looks.. scary with its eyes! >_<
The Easter statue located at Hills. =)

Wow! My photogenic dear with the superman Huey Chyi! XD

Trying to take a photo with the easter bunny but.. look weird! LoLz

On the way to toilet, we met with some sexy girls then we started to get crazy... XD
Oh.. Heavy oh!! Wuahahahaha! =X

Look at my dear Joan!! Haiyooo~! No eyes see lor!!

We even took photo in the toilet!! >_<

Each of us got one pack of sample from Skin Food! LoLz!

After that, we had no place to go so we went to limteh at Kado which is located at first floor!!
The stair view leading to Kado! =P

The statue at the stair. Might be scary what.. LoLz..

Fried - RM6
Well, Kado is another nice restaurant and thanks to my dear Joan for introducing us about it! Oh ya, Adeline was there too but too bad we din meet up! No fate huh! LoLz!

All in all, thanks to the incredibly amazing girls for giving me an incredibly amazing night! Huey Chyi is going back to west Malaysia and Huasien is going back to Bintulu soon. I'll be staying in Sibu and my dear Joan will continue her studies. There won't be much chances to hang out this way!

I appreciate our friendship!
I appreciate the moments!
I appreciate you girls!!


  1. Hahaha.. with my exciting expression ?? Adakah ?? LOL ! btw, the two guys performed that night look quite familiar to me. I don't know where I saw them before eh.. maybe they were contestants of a singing contest ??? don't know.. @@ btw, really enjoy the moments hanging out with you girls everytime.. ^^ Thanks ya ! and Joan know so many places in Kuching ! she can become half Kuching ppl already.. Hahaha..

  2. Yalor yalor! LoLz.. Those two guys.. so unfamiliar to me! LoLz!! Blerk! I enjoy it too! Thanks my dear HuaSien!! =D

  3. Yes! Tried dy! But I forgot you recommend which food liao!! Hehe.. mind tell me here again??

  4. Wor?? OK! Next time try! Last time I ordered pasta.. XD

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