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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Steamboat As Requested By Suok Ing!!

As requested by Suok Ing for a long long time, finally we had steamboat as dinner just now! Suok Ing, are you satisfied now? I bet she's now enjoying her drama in her room already! Only You~~ Haha!

We went to Joan's apartment for the steamboat. Thanks to Joan for her 'kuali' and heater and also thanks to all of them for sponsoring the plates, forks and spoons! To be honest I have no plate, fork or even spoon in my hostel!! =X
Ta da~ The ingredients were ready!! =D
This was the first round...
Then, this was the second round...

Hehe! Quite full with that!! Really thanks a lot!! By the way it's not finished yet...
Yeap! We had this too! Thanks Adeline for the oranges!

Thanks to three of you! I feel good to have anyone of you around! God bless you!!=D


  1. ya, my "kuali" and heater. u want i kena tangkap??

  2. Aiyo.. Orang tak tahu siapa Joan ler~ U not using u christian name in here mah..

  3. Haha! Next time we go outside eat lar! =P

  4. hohoho~~i want too! EAT EAT EAT!


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