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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's All About My Cell Group Members!

I've joined the cell group for this semester. This is the first time and also the last time because I am going to graduate soon! Joan and Mei Chee have been inviting me to join their cell group for a really long time and finally I've joined it and I really enjoy it!!

What is a cell group? It is actually a form of church organization which are generally intended to teach the Bible and personalize Christian fellowship. The cell group is different from the house church in that the group is part of an overall church congregation, whereas the house church is a self-contained congregation. However, our cell group is more to improve the relationship among ourselves as well as our knowledge regarding bible.

If you ask me, why do I join the cell group? I really dunno how to answer you because it happened sooo naturally. LoLz! Well, I'm really happy to have joined this cell group because it has definitely changed my life. I'm not lying!

Well, stop bluffing. The main purpose of this post is to introduce all my lovely sweet pretty gorgeous cell group members!! Hiak hiak hiak... This is gonna be another long post!! Be patient k! I'm sacrificing my time to type all this ler..

Huey Chyi (25/04/88)
Being the elder member, she has shown her maturity in both her thinking and knowledge regarding bible. She is always being gentle either in her action or speaking and she is always supportive and positive. And I still remember she's the FIRST new friend who talk to me during our orientation. The first impression she gave me was that she is so FRIENDLY! Well, what I want to say is, although we din get really close, I do appreciate our friendship and sincerely, I love your smile. =)

TcPinG (09/08/88)

Err.. That's me OK!! LoLz! =P
P/S: Sorry for acting cute. Don't beat me! T^T

Joan Tang (13/11/88)

Yeah, she's the Joan who always appear in my blog! Ok ok, she is my dear whom I'm in a relationship with on facebook ONLY. We were in the same group during orientation and we got closer and closer after that. We always have our dinner together, hang out together, crazy together and thanks to the cell group, our friendship becomes better and closer this semester! She's always a caring yet funny friend to be with. Due to her small size, she always wants to act mature but sorry lar my dear, you are just too cute to be mature. Many people agree with me that you are cute bor! Happy not? Or you prefer other description? Well, it's always my pleasure and honour to have known you during my university life and I'm so gonna miss you like hell after graduation. Good luck to you in everything ok! I love you my dear!! MuacksS!

Deonne Chieng (05/12/88)

One of my cell group members with the best temperament! Got to know her since first year but we are only able to get closer during this semester. Again, thanks to the cell group!! Honestly, my first impression about her is not so good but after I get to know her after cell group, I've totally changed my mind. She's such a cute, caring and gentle friend to be with! Besides, she's also another responsible godly servant who always try her best to share her knowledge and perspective to others. She's always the one who suggests for solutions whenever we have questions regarding bible. I would like to say that Deonne, it's really nice to know you and I wish you good luck in everything! Do take care of yourself since you always sleep late!! >_<

Mei Chee (14/12/88)

Yo! Here comes a photogenic girl. Who's she?? She's our head of the cell group, Miss Kong Mei Chee!! XD She's always being cute, naive and soooo funny!! If you know her, you could possible got ur bones 'soften' if you hear her 'dolly sounds' especially when she is singing!! LoLz. I guess this could be one of her best noticeable characteristics where you'll know that she's around easily! I've known you since form 2 right! Not sure whether you still remember or not but we were in the same group for Sport Day and we both play play when competing. Lompat tinggi oh! Remember!! >_< What I wanna say is: Thanks for teaching me a lot and thanks for being caring, always msg me asking me do I face any problems and bla bla bla. You give me warmth and I do appreciate that!! Thanks so much! =)

Hua Sien (28/12/88)

Yes! Finally it has come to my dear Hua Sien's turn! Well, if you read my blog, the name Hua Sien is not so unfamiliar right?? Hints: The makeup post?? LoLz.. Hua Sien don't beat me ah! =X Well, I got close with her during this semester also and again, thanks to the cell group!! She's a shy yet cute friend and she loves to reveal her secret unconciously. Wuahahaha! Very cute right?? We had carried out around 3 to 4 times of overnight ladies' talk and I had never done that before!! Before this, I always got alone after dinner and then doing my own things until it's time to sleep. After I've joined the cell group, I got to be closer with more friends and Hua Sien is one of them! She's always be supportive as well and she's a caring person too! Hua Sien, I would love to SHOUT OUT that: Thanks for being my friend and I do appreciate our friendship! Come to Sibu look for me if you're free OK! Bintulu Sibu near near mah!! =X

Sin Ling

Ok, that's our smart girl Sin Ling from Bintulu! Well, I don't really know her because she's tooooo quiet and low profile! LoLz. She's my coursemate and with no doubt, she is really SMART although she's younger than us!! She's helpful too! Thanks for the EPP book you lend me ok! I will return as soon as possible. Hahaha! Err.. Not much to say, wish you good luck in your future ok! =)

 Suok Ing (07/03/89)

The name Suok Ing appeared in my blog for few times too! Hints: birthday celebration and also the sh*t comic. LoLz! She's a cute yet EXTREMELY FUNNY junior! I always laugh like a crazy girl gone insane whenever I'm with her. She has created some hot issues among us for example "bra" and "sh*t". Wuahahahaha! However, she can be real serious too! Although she's been funny most of the time! LoLz! Another thing, she loves BURGER with no egg and no cheese! I dunno why. Btw, I really LOVE YOU for being my friend because you always enlighten up my day and thanks so much for ur.. err.. funny words and actions. Goyang-goyang ur buttock ok! =P

Angel (18/03/90)

Angel~~ Another photogenic girl from my cell group! She's the one whom I'm not familiar at all because we din have any contact other than cell group discussion time! However, she's damn friendly and cute!! She's always the most active girl during cell group discussion and she never feel ackward to share!! Angel!! Although you're going to move out from Sakura next semester but do take good care of yourself ah! It's my pleasure to know you!! ^^

Adeline Teng (22/07/90)

Yes! I've come to the last member!! I'm tired~~!! Ok, the youngest among us is Adeline Teng!! A very shy, cute yet caring junior! Ignore her stupiak expresison on the pic above! LoLz. She's always be ackward whenever she becomes the centre of anything! However, she's really a cute cute cute friend! Well, I love her smile as well because she looks so adorable! Don't beat me please! >_< By the way, thanks for the fruits! Now I know why you have such radiant skin. LoLz! By the way, take good care of yourself and also help me to take care of my dear Joan next semester ok! And also the stupiak Suok Ing oh! Gonna miss you guys A LOT!!

It's 3.49am now and I think I SHOULD STOP!!

Honestly, I'm just too bored and I failed to look for any useful information for my assignment so I end up writing this long long post!!



  1. LOve u too, my dear, muaks!

  2. 你可以再恶心一点吗??

  3. 你自己对我恶心在先!哼哈,我回应你罢了!哈哈!


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