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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The LadyBoysS!

When people heard about ladyboy or shemale,
Most of us will think of Thailand!
No doubt, Thailand is productive enough in this aspect.
Btw, there are many other gorgeous ladyboys from other countries.
Let's talk about our country which is Malaysia.
Who will you think of??
Yes! Jessie Chung!!
钟洁希-Jessie Chung (Malaysia)
I think she's famous enough in Malaysia.
You can see her advertisement everywhere..
Even in the mall or on TV!!
Treechada "Nong Poy" (Thailand)
Born October 5, 1986. One of the most famous ladyboy from Thailand!
Poy won the Miss Tiffany's 2004 and Miss International Queen 2004.
She looks absolutely like a real woman and she's prettier than a real woman!!
刘薰爱-Alicia (Taiwan)
Born June 12, 1986. A model fom EeLin Modelling Company.
I've watched her on KangXi LaiLe before
and I thought she's a real pretty female model but who knows..
I'm sooo surprised that she's a ladyboy~!

河莉秀-Harisu (Korea)
Born February 17, 1975. Another famous ladyboy from Korea!
She's quite pretty in some pics but..
Not my cup of tea.. =X
樁姬彩菜-Ayana Tsubaki (Japan)
Born July 15, 1984. A pretty japanese model,
who underwent sex reassignment surgery and Phuket, Thailand.
Never know her before but I'm surprise with her beauty!

Those are the only famous ladyboys I could find.
I tried to search for ladyboys from other countries such as India, China, Hong Kong and etc but I failed to obtain a pretty one... =(
Anyone has any suggestions??
Grr.. What happen to me har??
How come suddenly got the idea to write about ladyboys??
Maybe next time I'll write about tomboys.. Who knws!! =P
Err.. What should I say about this post..??
Just.. Enjoy it. Hahaha.. =X


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