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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Mini Fun Fair Night

Went to a mini fun fair at Samarahan last night after SMC CNY gathering with my dear Joan, Mei Chee, Adeline and Suk Ying. Actually we were just passing by but then when we saw the shining light we got so excited and decided to go for a walk!
Ferris Wheel!
A Merry-go-round!
Game station!
This was the fun ride which got us excited!!
My pretty dear was ready for the fun ride!!
Where was Mei Chee??
Ta da~ She was with a cute little girl!!
P/S: Mei Chee shouted from start to the end and the little girl wasn't scare at all but laughing at Mei Chee!! Aduh.. Mei Chee, where you gonna put your face har??
It wasn't so scary but it spinned for too long that made me feel a bit sick!
However we still decided to play the second fun ride!!
Corsair/Rollicking Pirate Ship
This photo is supposed to be a trio shoot but my self-shooting skill isn't good enough so Mei Chee was left out! LoLz. We were ready for the corsair!! After that I really felt wanna vomit!! Luckily I was able to bear that feeling to sent them back and sent me myself back to my brother's house as well. It was a fun night and I really thank God for listening to my pray!

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