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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cute Animal Babies!!

I'm so into cute little thingy recently!!
And it includes cute little babies!!
A baby hedgehog!! I always want one of these!!
The little hedgehog is just toooo cute!!
Btw, it's expensive too!! Last time I saw one costs RM300!
Cannot afford lah! =(
Anyone wanna sponsor??
A baby fox!! It's really too charming!!
Ahh.. It's just too cute that I really wanna hug it!
No wonder chinese ppl use the word 'fox' to describe the third party..
A baby polar bear!!
It's always a cute big creature!
So, let's save the earth to give them a better environment to live on!
A baby leopard!!
Haha! It's like a cat!!
Look at its big round eyes.. so innoncent!!
Too bad it's dangerous to have one as pet..
Yoohoo!! 3 piglets!! Not 3 idiots!! Haha..
I never know that baby pig can be so cute!!
Well, fortunately I'm not so into pork. =P
Cute panda cub!!
Another almost-extincted species..
Please, save the earth..
Don't let them disappear on this earth!
Baby otter!!
It's having a sweet dream! =)
A baby panther!!!
This is just toooooooooooo cute!!!
Can I have one as pet??
It doesn't matter it's not in pink..
Please... ^_*
Tiger cub!
Although they are still young in this picture,
They show their awfulness..
A baby wolf!!
What should I say??
Err.. just like an ordinary dog..
Haha.. But it's cute!!
A baby giraffe!!
What a funny expression it has!! LoLz..
Baby hamsters!!
Woo~ I used to have so many hamsters!
Too bad they never give birth..
And now they are all in heaven already.. =X
Baby sugar gliders!!
Haha! This is cute too!
Erm, a question. Does it bite??
Babies are pure and innoncent.
Let's make a pray whenever wherever there is a new born baby..
Bless the Animals...
and especially every animal child that has just been born and hatched.
Make its instincts for survival tough and clear and show it what it must do to adapt to all of the new experiences that lie in its future.
Bless this baby with a loving mother and a friendly environment in which to grow.
Thank you for seeing to the safety and well being of every new born, today and every day.
Thank You, God,


  1. sugar gliders wont bite~ dear!
    but expensive~,their feed also expensive la...

  2. Oh? Really?? Like that cannot afford lah.. But I'm more into hedgehog!! What does it eat har?? Duh.. LoLz..

  3. sugar gliders dont bite :) , it is so coward. except than eat, it sleeps. My bro has one. It is cute though.


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