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Monday, January 31, 2011

In Love With Papercraft: Ceiling Cat VS Doraemon VS Cubic Cow

As I promised, this is another post sharing papercrafts I've built today!
Ceiling Cat VS Doraemon VS Cubic Cow
My first attempt was the ceiling cat.
It looks nice on the template but who knows..
I'm quite disappointed with it.. =(

Grr.. Ugly ceiling cat..
Even Pick Zhi and Lim said that it isn't nice at all..
My second attempt was Doraemon!!
It looks easier but still I've spent a lot of time on it!

The front, side and back view of the Doraemon!
Too bad its hand doesn't match! =(
Don't ask me why there is a hole on its head!
I'm wondering about its function too!!
Pick Zhi said maybe it's for pen or pencils
but Joyful said that might smash the papercrafts!!
My third attempt was a cubic cow!

The front, side and back view of the cubic cow!
This is relatively easy and it was gifted to Pick Zhi as her birthday present..
Actually it is requested by her as well! LoLz..
Although it's 3-day late but still..
Happy Birthday Pick Zhi!! LoLz..
Well, still I wanna say: STAY TUNE
coz there will be a lot more coming soon!! =D

P/S: Anyone knows how to control the spacing between lines coz it's not balanced at all...!! ><

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