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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Makan Makan At Shan City Kopitiam 山城

Went to Shan City Kopitiam with my dear Joan for dinner just now. Those who read my status on my Facebook should know that I was craving for food outside Unimas at that time! Haha! Actually we were wondering whether to go to Shan City Kopitiam or Happy Valey but we had chosen Shan City Kopitiam at last. It's nearer mah! Shan City Kopitiam is famous with its pan mee. To be honest I'm not really into Pan Mee but no harm trying right? =)
The huge 'wallpaper' advertising its Pan Mee! Since it's famous with its Pan Mee so I ordered Pan Mee lor! =P
Joan's Milk Tea - RM2.60
My Soya Cincau - RM2.80

P/S: I dunno what's wrong with blogspot or is it my line problem again Joan's Loh Pan Mee can't be uploaded! Argh..! Will try to upload again when the line becomes better! Stay tune stay tune.. LoLz..
My Dry Pan Mee with Minced Pork - RM5.90
And my Pan Mee was served with soup! See the egg with Mani cai there?!
Fried Wan Tan - RM4.00

It's my first visit to Shan City Kopitiam and the food not bad what! They are not expensive yet I ate until soooo full! By the way my Pan Mee got a bit.. err.. too dried until they became clusters. LoLz! I think that's the reason it's served with soup! Joan's Loh Pan Mee not bad oh! Hehe!

After that we went to Everise and I bought my iFeel and also a lot of masks! I just realize that it's already April lor! Sweat~ Time really flies and I'm gonna graduate soon! Before that, there's a lot of assignments, exams and presentations waiting for me. Hopefully all of you are kind enough to wish me LUCK!! I really need a lot of LUCK since I'm too lazy this semester. By the way, thanks and goodnight everyone! =)


  1. 听你老哥说你16号有回来当老板,就打包回来给我跟你老哥品尝一下,哈哈

  2. 回去当老板?哈哈哈!我还没订飞机票!看到时我飞机几点,如果傍晚的就可以打包!可能拜五回,因为我老爸千交代万交代一定要回去投票...


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