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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Makan Makan At Master Chef Restaurant 名厨

Attended a dinner with my cute dad last Sunday night at Master Chef Restaurant. I've been there for few times but those were only for stalls at the ground floor. Therefore, it's my first time to really enjoy the food from Master Chef Restaurant! The most important thing is: FREE for ME ONLY! =X Thanks to my dad! LoLz!

There's a very huge round table which can accommodate a total of 20 people. There's supposed to be 20 of us but one was absent so we had 19 people that night! Guess what, 17 uncles including my dad and 1 aunty (a police woman) plus me! I'm the youngest!! Wuahahaha!
The very huge lamp hanging on the ceiling! =)
Err.. My dad asked: "Why they served broken plates??"
And I laughed till beh tahan and answered: "Dad, that's their design..." LOL
This alcoholic drink costs around RM400-RM500!! 53% alcoholic content eh!
Red wine! ^^
Btw, my dad and I din try the drinks because he's a good dad and I'm a good daughter! LoLz! Not really into alcohols these days! >__<
Trying to take a photo in the toilet but WHY DO I LOOK SO DUA KO (huge in size)?? Due to the shirt or what?? T^T Oh ya, there's a toilet inside the room! So convenient what! =P

Ok, let's talk about the FOOD!! =)
Can you see A LOT OF uncles?? LoLz
That's the first plate and also my favourite plate! I'm still missing it now!! T^T
Oh ya, the table is automatically moving around so when the second plate reach my side it's already half finished!! T^T Btw, I'm not interested in that plate so never mind lar!! Haha!
My another favourite! I answered a phone call while I was eating it but then when I came back it had already been cleaned up by the waitress! KNS!! Give me back my shark fin soup!! T^T
Thr fourth plate -- FISH! Don't ask me what type of fish is that because I DUNNO! I don't like to eat fish one but I did try a bit that day! The taste.. so so only lor! =P
Kinda excited when I saw this huge plate of crabs but it was so disappointing! Not tasty at all!! The police woman even said:" Ei.. why the meat so elastic one? Could it be fake one? Since now so many things are fake one!! " Hahaha!
I dunno what's that but I only tried the vegetables! =P
My dad told me that was chicken meat but it's actually PORK! Luckily I din eat because I don't really love pork! Blerk!! =P

Honestly there's still one last plate which is FRUITS but my dad and I were so full already so we left after the pork. Hahaha! Can you imagine how much all those cost? If I'm not mistaken, the price should be RM800! But I got TOTALLY FREE for all the food! Wuahahahaha!

Well, I think the price is reasonable because if you divide RM800 with 20, the answer is RM40! RM40 for one person should be OK lar right? I appreaciate this chance very much because I don't have much chances to eat such way! Thanks to those uncles and aunty and also my dad! Hohoho!


Ok, something out of topic... =P
The left one was taken last night with my extremely tired and languish face! Haih..
For the right one, I would like to say I'm forced to admit that I have 'sexy thick lips'! Wuahahaha!

Have a nice day everyone!! ^^


  1. why your right photo looks more tired than the left one ?? is it because you forced your eyes to stare at your camera then... LOL

  2. Hua Sien, maybe eh.. but left photo eyes were swollen nt enuff slp! LoLz
    Felix, i hv thick lips ma.. the only nice description got thick lips is sexy.. haha.. i know i m wif thick face some more!!XD

  3. you need thanks to mr hii tiong huat cos u ada makan di sini, haha

  4. Woi! Mr. Sarawak! How do you know about that?? Panjang told you one?? Haha!

  5. cp, macam kena pukui mia lip :P

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