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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hop The Animated Movie

Got to watch this animation recently and found out that it's not bad since it has been a really long time I last watching an animated movie. You might say me childish but hey, sometimes you just have to relax yourself and imagine you're still young and ENJOY THE MOVIE! Ok, the plot might be exciting for children but for me, the easter bunny is really cute. Hahaha. The chicks are irritating but funny as well. LoLz.

Hop is a Easter-themed live-action/CGI feature film from Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment and was released in theaters worldwide on April 1, 2011. Basically the story is about E.B., a teenage rabbit, on the eve of taking over from his father as the Easter Bunny, leaves his home in Easter Island for Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming a drummer.

Then, he is hit by Fred O'Hare, an out of work slacker who was driving to the house he is then the caretaker of. Feigning injury, E.B. manipulated Fred to take him in as he recovers. E.B. causes trouble in the home and at Fred's job interview.

Meanwhile Easter Chick Carlos, disappointed that he is not allowed to take E.B.'s place, revoltes against and imprisons E.B.'s father. Fred and E.B. are brough back and imprisoned by the Pink Berets, but they manage to break free and suppress the revolt, and E.B.'s father appoints them to co-workers as Easter Bunnies, thus saving Easter.

Visit its Official Website where you can know more about the story, view videos and images, playing games and etc.! =)

Well, a trailer is really important for a movie to attract people. Let's enjoy the trailers of Hop!

Nah, the bunny is cute right? Feel like to hug it and feel its warmth. LoLz. Well, it's not really a boring movie so if you have time, watch it and relax yourself to the max! =D


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