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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crazy Photo Session @ Four Point

Got so bored just now so I started to play around with the software "meitu" and edited the photos below. All of the photos below were taken during gathering among my cell group members last Sunday and all were taken by Ing Siong. (Hehe, saya tak kenal! >_<)

Honestly there were a lot of photos taken but I only edited some. Sorry, louzy skill I know.. =P
The cake were all of 50% discount!! Woohoo~
Approved to be our driver of the night! LOL

Err, PROUD to say she's the leader of my cell group.. Is it a good thing to have such crazy leader? =X

Lotsa conversation! XD

Hope everyone will have the "beautiful mood" everyday! Deonne, Adeline, Suok Ing and Hua Sien please SMILE lar.. =)

I love this photo. Btw, Adeline, can you please respect people by open your eyes wider?? Wuahaha! Don't beat me ah! =X

LOL! All the animal members from my cell group. Wuahahaha! Love you guys!! Muacks!! =D


  1. wakakakaka.. love u too chui ping~~ (we r girls oh, not guys..=P)

  2. Huasien, for me guys including all girls and boys lar! LoLz..
    Adeline Teng!! Come lar! Beat me lar!

  3. Lotsa conversation! GREAT ONE!
    Can I like this post again ?

  4. Haha! Very messy ah that one! LoLz! Thanks Deonne! =D

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