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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Update!

Photo taken few hours ago. XD

P/S: This is only an update of my activities these few days. =)

Hi all, I have been missing for some days. Miss me not? LOL. It's not my fault. My maxis broadband reduces my speed to view pages and guess what, the speed is really slow until I rather not to online. Maybe it's time for me to pay the bill? Oops, it seems to be my own fault after all. Haha!

So, what have I done these few days? I sleep a lot. It's really a lot! I sleep for more than 10 hours a day. That could sound good but the problem is I sleep during day time. I sleep after 3am almost everyday and sometimes I sleep after 5am or even 7am! And I wake up after 3pm. Wuahahaha!

One thing to mention is that I joined the LONGEVITOLOGY course for six nights continuously. It's a very.. erm.. I would call it a magic because we are told that it can cure cancer. Believe it or not? I'm gonna share about my experience in my next post. Stay tuned if you really wish to know how to live longer! =)

I guess that's all for this post. ANYONE please urges me to pay the bill! I can't stand the speed anymore!


  1. hi =D

    i have the same sleep problem here and don't know what to do XD

    some one help us XD

    keep smlie

  2. hv TWO blogs? o.O

  3. @Mary: Never thought there's someone having the same problem as mine! LOL! Someone helps us please! XD

    @ivn: I have one only. Where did you find another one? O.O

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