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Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To Clement + Thank You!!

Happy birthday to Clement!!

Who is Clement? He's my elder nephew! Actually today is his birthday but we had already celebrated his birthday last night. There was BBQ session and he invited his cousins and some of his friends from school.

My super sis-in-law, Jennifer was busy preparing all those dishes since morning yesterday. Can you see? CAN YOU SEE? A lot of FOOD! I was at shop yesterday and I went back just before they were about to eat! Ngek Ngek Ngek..

The left one is the birthday kid, Clement and the right one is his very stylish classmate.

Birthday song singing session!
P/S: My papa's facial expression is funny in this photo. XD

Well, when we all finish singing the song then only we realized we didn't enlighten the candles. Wuahahaha! Stupid enough lar! So we sang one more time. XD

After that, Pokemon time!!

Pokemon cards showing off time.

Pokemon toys showing off time. XD

And pokemon movie time! =P

After dinner, I went back to my shop and waited for time to come to close it. Honestly, I got a little bit pissed off with Clement at that time because he said he didn't want my present. Then I was like, OK lor, later I wanna see the present returned to my room. VERY ANGRY LAR!!

However, when I went back home from work, I saw him playing my present for him happily. At that time, I had the feeling like, YES, I WIN AT LAST!! XD

This is my present for him. A controlled toy car. =)

Those angry birds plush toy are presents from his parents and sister.

These are gifts from his cousins and friends.

All in all, still wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Ta da! I got my lens at last! XD

And that's how I look with the lens. Weird not?

One more.
P/S: No hair cut ok. LoLz..






  1. 蛋糕那一间买的?漂亮呢!

  2. lens very weird meh??? how i cant feel it weird? or myself too weird?hahaha

  3. 我帮你问我嫂嫂一下咯。我今天戴着lens顾店叻。XD

  4. 早知道我假假去你店鸡婆鸡婆下XD

  5. mushu 本来就weird的
    My dear, always pretty la, with/ without lens also sui sui dao my saliva drop..hehehe...

  6. @木薯: 你不用偷看,死变态。哈哈哈!
    @Joan: Saliva drop? Drop your head lah! Haha!


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