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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Underground Garage

Do you feel weird with the photo? I do. The girl has a very innocent face and she looks really young. But then what's she doing in the photo? Pole dancing? O.O

"Underground Garage" is actually the name of a Russian Kids' Night Club. That's quite common in Russia because Russians are considered as adults once they reach the age of 14.

Can you imagine those kids playing crazily in the night club and they are still KIDS? Not even TEENAGERS!

I still remember the first time I entered a pub was when I was 17 years old and I was really nervous! And excited of course! And there's once I was "arrested" at Kuching and I was anxious just because there were few more months for me to reach 18. Of course I was released at last. =P

Ok, few more photos to let you know more about the kids' night club. =)

They are eating.. CUCUMBERS? O.O

Two guys hugging each other? Well, the girl has not 'developed' yet.

The pink shirt lady looks nice. =)

Kid, how old are you? O.o


Cheers, dude. XD

This young lady looks nice too! =D

Kid, what do you want? Beers?

Very young couples. =/

Undeveloped with the developed. Hahaha!

OMG! O.O Is you reaction same with mine? XD

Those don't even happen in here! I mean, in Sibu even though most of those going to pub are all teenagers and adults. Well, the societies are definitely different in the West and the East.

If there's someone taking off his/her shirt in a night club, I'm sure he/she is going to be famous very soon since Sibu is really a small town. Unless they are workers or there's any performance.

For me, everytime I go to a night club, I drink green tea. And I sit still like a statue for the whole time. =P

Done sharing about the kids' night club, it's time to share about my life. =D

Ok, that's me ready to go to a night club one month ago. XD

Another photo in case you forget how I look like! >_<

I seldom online these few days. One reason is that my broadband is still slow and another reason is that I am busy taking care of my shop nowadays. Stay in the shop for the whole day makes me don't even have energy to go out at night after work. T^T

Anyway, it makes me a healthy person because I slept at 11pm last night and woke up at 8.30am this morning. Amazing huh? Feeling healthy is great. =)

August has passed for few days. Erm, I have not found any job yet. Or more accurately, I have not started searching for job yet. Haha! Any nice intro from you guys? *winks*

End this post with a stupid photo of me. Taken few days ago in my friend's shop. She wanted to take a photo of me and I showed her that face. Wuahahaha! Stupid not? XD


  1. zombie in front of laptop,wahaha

  2. @乌龟: Domo哪里有这样?

  3. you were once "arrested"?? O.O

  4. Yup. Everyone was sent for urine test at that time. Haha! First time being 'arrested' and sent to balai polis. :-bd


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