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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Hi all! It's been long time since I last shared a movie review. Not really a review but more to sharing of my own opinion about the movie. By the way, I am NOT PROFESSIONAL at all. I always try to enjoy movies but not to pick any mistakes or bad stuffs about the movies.

Last night, I watched a local movie named Nasi Lemak 2.0, a film produced by Namewee. With this movie, he successfully turns to be a filmmaker from a musician.


"Young Chef Huang (Namewee) struggles to get his restaurant business going because he cannot adapt to the 'localized' cooking his patrons are looking for. However, contradict to his unpopular cuisine, he is also well-known as "Hero Huang" in the local neighborhood where he carries out good deed in helping the community until he met Xiao K (Karen Kong) who got him into deep trouble. In order to get his life and the restaurant business back on track, Chef Huang must now seek help from a mysterious hawker stall lady (Adibah Noor), who summons him to embark on the extraordinary journey of his life. During this self-enlightening experience, he will also meet many 'local heroes' each lending their support to help him re-discover his roots and the real hidden message of 'Nasi Lemak" (Primework Studios)

My comment:

It's quite obvious that Namewee is somehow Stephen Chow-influenced. I watched some of Stephen Chow's movies too. The plot, the style and the funny point. All are similar. However, the movie is somehow localized because it consists of various languages including dialects. There's a lot of hidden messages it brings. Those I got include the selfishness of citizen by not helping those in need just to mind their own businesses, slow internet connection comparing to US, sudden electricity and water cuts and etc, including those 'unpostable' messages. One of the bad things is that it focuses too much on the funny part and it makes the movie a little bit meaningless.

Some of the funny parts...


Then you really have to spare your time for this local movie!

It's quite nice that it makes my friend who will only go to cinema for movie once a year unless being forced suggest me to watch another movie today. AMAZING NOT?

Asking for a score/rate? Erm.. 3.5/5.0 =)

Go to its official website HERE for more info.


After the movie, we got so hungry because the movie is all about FOOD! Nasi Lemak~ Curry!
Therefore, we went to Roy Corner No. 4 for supper. =)

My Nasi Pataya Special! RM6

My friend's Nasi Goreng Seafood Special! RM7

My aunty look. (My dad said I look like aunty!) >.<

And this is taken using front camera. AUNTY NOT??


  1. i not yet watch this, will go support when free :)

  2. Yaya, some parts are quite funny. You can try it! Support our local movie! =D


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