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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guardian Promotion 2

From my last post, I had mentioned that I got 7 Guardian vouchers worth a total of RM70!
Read HERE if you have no idea on how I got those vouchers.

Therefore, I went to Guardian again last night to spend all the vouchers! =P

Of course, I spent them wisely so that they were not wasted!

RM9.90 --> RM0.00
This lip gel is very necessary for me because I easily get dry lips. When my lips become dry, they start to peel. And that's really an awkward condition especially when you are talking to others. =(

RM10.90 --> RM0.90!
Never look down on such a cheap moisturizing cream! It's cheap but it has been on the market for a really long time. That's the very first skincare product I used and my brothers too! O.O

RM11.90 --> RM1.90
Erm, I have no idea on what's this because it's bought by my friend. Perhaps it's for her parents! We are young and we do not need this. *Hopefully lar*

RM17.90 --> RM7.90
I think everyone knows this product right? It's good when you are having a sore throat or some discomfort regarding your throat. Even if you are very healthy, you can still drink it because it is a traditional chinese natural herbal remedy. The best thing is that it tastes so good although it's a little bit too sweet. =P

RM18.90 --> RM8.90
Ok, I seldom care about my hair. I don't care about my hairstyle and I seldom apply any product on my hair. That's why it goes so frizzy and messy! Hence, I decided to pay more attention on my hair. It doesn't have to be glowing, but at least, not too messy. XD

RM19.90 --> RM9.90
CONCEALER!! You don't have to use your brain. Just use your knee to think. What's it for? For my very serious dark eye circles for sure! Haih! Since it can't be cured, I think the best solution is to cover it! COVER!

RM37.88 --> RM27.88
Am I going to dye my hair again!? NO! Actually it's bought by my friend too. However, she gave it to me at last so I think I'll keep it until my current hair color has faded. *Happy*

My friend: Money will not be wasted as long as the stuffs are useful! *winks*

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