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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Painting Makes Fun!

My art work. XD

It was painted few months ago, or one year ago? I'm not sure. The only thing I can confirm is that it was really a long time ago. Haha! Ei, PRETTY NOT? LoLz..

According to what's written on its pack, it's named Bin Fun Paiting (缤纷彩绘). Guess it's another direct translation by the very creative people and there's no typo. It's "PAITING" printed on the cover instead of "PAINTING". Hmm??

One thing I love about it is the wooden stand. It makes the whole thing a better and prettier ornament to be placed anywhere. =D

Can I describe it as versatile? Since the back side of the picture can be used for writing and the whole thing can be used as postcard as well! Ok, I know the word "versatile" is too "heavy" to be used this way.

There're some suggestions on how it can be used printed on the cover.

  • As decoration/ornament for your house/room. (o.O Are you sure?)
  • Makes a more joyful life. (Adakah itu mungkin?)
  • As a gift for others. (Don't worry, I won't do that. You won't receive it from me.)

And do you think I DRAW the picture on my own? IMPOSSIBLE. Haha!

Ta da! It comes with the sketch of the picture printed already! And what should you do? You just need to PAINT it. Told you guys already it's PAINTING MAKES FUN not DRAWING. >_<

The colored paints are included in the package as well and the colors are all numbered. You only need to paint the picture according to the colors arranged! Sounds so easy right? But to be honest, I spent WHOLE NOON to complete it. Coz I tangan macam kaki. Haha!

It comes with brushes too. That's for sure. =)

Some of the cautions. Not going to translate because I know most of you will not be interested in this stuff. Or ALL OF YOU instead of most of you?

Well, there's not only Winnie The Pooh available. There are a lot of other cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Astro Boy and etc.


Mickey Mouse and Pluto.

Yoyo & Cici. It reminds me of Mei Chee, one of my friends. =P

Hello Kitty!

Are you interested?

Kindly visit E LOVE HOUSE now!

Or like its FB page HERE!


This post is not ended yet. If you notice carefully, you should realize something new on my blog.


Scroll it up and down, is there something following you?

Yes, the PEARY is following you! Wuahahaha~

I've been painting it the whole noon using Paint software which is originally installed in my laptop. That's so laborious that it makes me dizzy! Phew~ Now only I realize how important is the Photoshop! 

Ta da~ The actual look of it. I'm satisfied with the painting but I hate my cropping skill. Luckily it's still acceptable because I would never wanna do the same thing again! 

With this, I rest my case. Oops! I end my post. =P


  1. over age de niang ngor...u do it pretty well la....haha~
    i thought u draw it urself...haha..

  2. Wuahahaha! You are also one of the members in the over aged niang ngor group. *Clap Clap*

  3. u did it? wow~ i'm pretty sure u r talented enuf..cute little peary!

  4. Haha! Thank you cute Ema! I think I need to start exploring Photoshop. Yours is much more professional than mine! B-)

  5. can u please translate the cautions right there? it seems pretty interesting :-q

  6. 哇哈哈,又是好黄的梨子 :))

  7. @LikHu: You don't kacau kacau hor! You can read it de hor! X(

    @冥の組長: 对啊!梨子也是bersih supporter嘛。哈哈哈!;)

  8. love it ! :-bd

    and loved your icons =D

    keep smile ~

  9. @Mary: I'm glad that you love it! ;;-)


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