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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Mooncake Festival Celebration!

Hi all! How was your Mooncake Festival celebration? Mine was great. =D

Went back home at around 6pm and had a nice dinner with my family.

Dishes prepared by the superwoman: Jennifer Wong a.k.a my sis-in-law!

Since it's called Mooncake Festival, mooncakes are necessary for sure.

When the night had come, everyone was ready for the lantern session!!

Cutie Elaine was ready!

Clement was also ready with his Super Blackie Mimi!

My sista was ready also! XD

Almost 8p.m., I went out with Nana and Mr. Potato.

First destination: Rejang Park!

Well, we were quite shocked because there was really A LOT OF people playing lanterns at Rejang Park. There was even RELA taking control of the traffic. HOW COME I NEVER KNOW THAT MOONCAKE FESTIVAL CAN BE SUCH MERIAH?

My brother even told me that there was UBAH taking photo before I reached. I was too late! O.O

Second destination: Park behind Parkson. =)

There was much lesser people compared to Rejang Park. =(

Third destination: McDonald. No photo was taken.

Fourth destination: Sri Meranti. No photo was taken as well.

Wonder how's my lantern look like?


Our lanterns. ALL ANGRY BIRDS. XD

Big thank to Mr. Potato for the help! =P

It was indeed a great and enjoyable night spent with you guys. Thanks a lot! Wish you two the best of luck for your final year in Unimas! Gonna miss you two for sure. =D


This photo is gonna be one of the rare photos of mine.


Because I seldom show my forehead publicly due to my forehead. XD

My forehead is bulgy and tall. =(

Any suggestion on the hairstyle to cover it?

Thank you very much in advance. =)


  1. 某人update了仂~哈哈

  2. 再不update它就过时了。所以要趁昨天update掉。哈哈!我的额头不可以乱乱看的!

  3. 你哦!你在理我哦!哈哈!笨蛋一号!:P


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