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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Invitation To Convocation!

Wake up by my mum this morning because there's a package for me. And I went downstair with my messy hair and blur mind. It's a package sent from UNIMAS saying that I am being invited to attend my own convocation on this coming October! So.. I AM GOING TO GRADUATE SOON! Yohoo! =D

And there are rules and instructions all included in this booklet. After being suffered and enjoyed for three years, it has finally come to an end. Happy or not? Well, a part of me is happy but a part of me is missing the time I spent in campus. =(

Oh ya, and we are the first batch to use the new hall named DeTAR Putra, UNIMAS! Feel so honor and lucky! Will share photos about the hall IF POSSIBLE. XD

Whatever, I have to keep reminding myself to stop eating like an eating monster so that I don't look like a fatty on the stage during my convo! Wish me luck for everything! =D


Some photos of mine...

Taken on 20/09/2011

Taken on 21/09/2011

No photos taken today because I left my memory card in my shop last night!


  1. Haha! You kns de!! Du NUIT!!! :P

  2. 恭喜毕业!苦尽甘来了!XD XD

    理大这里毕业典礼就在这个星期,但是跟我没有关系 (:|

  3. 冥の組長:你是大学新鲜人,这么快想毕业了啊?哈哈!要好好珍惜大学时光哦!我的学校好想是因为新的礼堂来不及建好,所以拖到下个月。

  4. haha.. the Hall....Erm... Look so so lo, but colorful..
    Hmm.. u know la, i really hate Unimas de..Hehe..
    the system is getting SUCKS!

  5. joan tang, i agree with u .. last time the new hall also almost banjir when rainning heavily lo...also the system reali lousy 1..

  6. Joan: Haha! Yalor.. I also remember it's very colorful! LoLz.. The system ah.. We first year go in oledi knw de liao lo..

    UNIMAS = University Ini Mana Ada Sistem?

    Nana: Banjir then you should be VERY HAPPY right?!

  7. 是咯,我很开心。可以玩水


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