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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Python Catcher O.O

This is how natives from Cameroon catching pythons! O.O The man has to climb into the hole to catch the pythons!

This is to prevent python bite. Although python's bite is not poisonous but it might hurt the man so prevention is needed.

You can't catch python alone. YOU NEED FRIEND(S)!!

Fire is necessary in catching python. First, you need light to see clearly. Second, you need fire to disrupt the python too!

The python is protecting its eggs!

ATTACK!! >.<

They use the fire to disrupt the python, then another hand is used to catch python's neck and climb slowly out of the hole together with the python!

Again, friend is needed!


Going back with the python!

Found this on Cari Forum so I share it out here. Maybe we should always feel lucky that we don't have to do such job for living. And we shouldn't become 'emo' just because of some tiny things. We should appreciate the way we are born and the love we are given. We should enjoy our joyful lives to the fullest! Appreciate everyone who shows up in our lives. Because we'll never know who's gonna leave first. This's not an advice to you all, it's a reminder for me myself as well. Cheers! =)


  1. omg! thats a huge cobra!! i salute these people, they're so brave.

  2. Although cobra's bite is not poisonous?眼镜蛇没有毒?哪~不要骗我huh XD

    这种蛇看起来好像蟒蛇( python )多一点啦!应该是吧?呵呵~

  3. @Michelle: Ya, it's huge! :)

    @notty prince: OMG!! It's a python! How come I thought it's a cobra! Thanks for correcting me! :P

    @Josheen: Ya, it's really scary! :7


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