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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

USB Shake Massage Pillow

It's been few days since I last updated my blog and now only I realize it's AUGUST already. Always feel good with August because it means that my birthday is coming!! Hey, are you ready to gift me anything? It's ok if it's just a blessing because all I want is to see your sincerity. LOL! I'm weird enough to ask for gifts here. Haha! THINK TOO MUCH. XD


Well, I cannot change your life. I cannot give you any useful advice too because I'm still unemployed so far. Wuahahaha! But I have something to intro you to, erm, at least to make you relax a bit. Haha!

Those are not ordinary pillows but USB SHAKE MASSAGE PILLOW.

There's a zip.

And you can choose to use the USB or battery.

This is extremely portable. If you have any backache due to long time sitting in front of the computer or bla bla bla then you can use the USB to start its movement. Or, you can use batteries too and now you can bring it to any place you want such as car, office and etc.

It's available in many places and of course, E LOVE HOUSE has it too. So far we have only Stitch, Kuma, McDull and Angry Birds available. Feel free to pay a visit to us at E LOVE HOUSE, MEDAN MALL SHOPPING COMPLEX!

Photo taken last Saturday.

Obviously I seriously lack of sleep for weeks!

Btw, I'll be off to Bintulu tomorrow to meet my dear Joan Tang and Huasien Ling.

Pray for a safe and wonderful trip! =)


  1. go biuntulu no bring me go meh

  2. the pillow very special wo...expensive?

  3. @Nana: Ei, you want go not? I can help you buy ticket de. But last night in class I got say I go Bintulu oh! Not meh? You not say want follow.

    @孤傲的王子: Yeah, very special. Just I tried it out already. Haha! Not expensive! Under RM50. Haha!

  4. 木薯,你要吃鸡脚就快快去吃了。不然,没有机会了。
    tcp: tis is no facebook, u no need @nana...haha.. i juz joke la...too rush la if wan go...i go next time when i free again...sure i will bck bintulu soon...bintulu can say is my 2nd house...haha

  5. @木薯: 你有吃鸡脚的咩?? =.=

    @Nana: 我喜欢用@哦,不可以咩?下次你自己去,我不跟哦.哈哈哈!

  6. i want that pillow too! cos always no one help me massage and i need to massage myself lol

  7. @Magdalene: Haha! You can go and buy one oh! =)

  8. These novelty pillows may entice more people because of its' "shake" massage feature via USB. Thanks for listing these details.


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