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Monday, August 8, 2011

Bintulu Trip

Hi hi! I've been missing for few days. As I'd mentioned in my last post, I went to Bintulu to meet my dear Joan Tang and Huasien Ling! Honestly I planned to go alone but Nana went with me at last! Yuhoo! Well, not much photos taken because I was VERY LAZY. LOL

And another thing, I didn't really try to remember the name so if there's any mistake please correct me! =)

Reached Bintulu on Thursday at around 1 something and my dear Joan came and fetched us. We went to SCR for lunch and then went and fetched Huasien. We went to Park City Mall and I bought a book written by Jung Dayeon at Popular! Gonna share it after finish reading it. Stay tuned!

Then, we sent Huasien back and three of us went to the beach!

The very pretty scene at the beach. 
Too bad there's no beach at Sibu! =(
Wondering why there was so many dead fish on the beach??


Pretty sunset!! =D

Having dinner at Joan's house. Thanks to her mum! The dishes are so delicious!!

After that, we went to M BOX to lim teh. It's a very nice place and the food is fantastic!!

My honey cucumber juice. Ok only lor!


Chicken wing. Almost finish already then only remember to take photo. XD

The next morning, we went to Fac Bravo for breakfast. =)

My american breakfast. No comment because those are just simple food. Btw, I still miss the breakfast I had at Kuching!!

Then, we went to Joan's aunty's shop and after that we went to Farley shop shop. Then, we went to The Chef during teatime.

My Nasi Lemak Rendang!! VERY NICE! HUNGRY ALREADY!! XD

Taiwan Pancake. Ok only lor.

My ABC. Kuat makan hor!! XD

This tiramisu became my birthday cake at last. XD

Then, we went back to Joan's house waiting for her friend to bring us to another beach. I almost slept at that time because I was too tired. We stayed up till late night watching PPTV. XD

It's a remote beach which you have to climb down the hill to reach the beach. 

See it?

We had to be extra careful coz it rained before we reached. 

Pretty scene at the beach. =)

What's that? Anyone knows?

There's a cave by the beach.

My dear Joan is cute (look at her leg) and Nana is funny. Wuahahaha!!

Then, we went to Harvest Restaurant for dinner!!

Fried rice with salted egg. SUPER DELICIOUS!!

Tauhu with salted egg. VERY DELICIOUS TOO!!



After that, we went back to Joan's house and chit-chatting until late. They celebrated my birthday as well!! When I opened the door after taking shower they off the light and sang Birthday Song for me. Absolutely a BIG SURPRISE for me! Haha!

We stayed until late night again watching Thai movie. Haha!

Next morning, we went for breakfast at nearby Joan's house. 

It's VERY DELICIOUS ah!! I am really hungry now!! Duh!!

Then, we took 9.45am bus and reached Sibu at around 1 something. 

Once again, thanks to my dear Joan for fetching me and also let me to stay at your house!
Thanks to the turtle Nana for accompanying me to Bintulu!
Thanks to Huasien for coming to Sibu!



  1. eeeee u went to bintulu??? niceeeee i miss the beach!!!! xD

  2. eiii...i got tat funny mah??? anyway tis 2 days trip let me more understand u..haha~~ next time i if stil got chance then go out play again with u lo...n must chose the right time liao...i no want go out when i get sick..haha

  3. @Magdalene: You can go during your holiday oh! Hehe.

    @Nana: Oi, must tell me when you sick ma! You no tell how I know. You really understand me kah? Still want go next time? Ok lar, then go plan lar! Haha!

  4. haha..tat juz small case la...u slow slow w8 me plan ar...i no plan de.. i juz go when my mood come if got some1 invite me lo...i will w8 u invite me de liao..then tat time i wan show to u tat i also can eat a lot ...haha

  5. @Nana: Haha! Wait you ah! Then we compete see who eat more. XD

  6. sotbalak la u...大胃王大赛meh?

  7. @Nana: 我可能会输你哦!哈哈!

    @冥の組長: 谢谢你!=)


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