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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bling'em Up!

I've been taking care of my shop for two days and today is the second day. I've got nothing to do except watching drama and online-ing. Well, actually there's a lot for me to do such as cleaning the shop, tidying up everything and bla bla bla but I'm too lazy for those jobs.

Today, I bring my necklaces bought from China with me and I modified them by sticking those bling bling stuffs on them! The original look is too dull and plain. Let's have a closer look on the products! =P


Music note. MY FAVORITE! =D

Pink bear face! This's cute too! =D

Red bear. =)

Blue bear. =)

Red deer. =)

Well, that's not the end of this post because there's still a lot of remaining bling bling sticker so I stick em somewhere else. 

Tadaa~ Just like what the bear is saying:" Oh~ Shining! " LOL

In case you don't know what's it therefore I decide to reveal the answer in next photo.

Yaya, it's a JEWELRY BOX! Which I decided to take home at last.

A photo of me with the jewelry box.

ARGH! Beh tahan with my fringe! Gonna cut it soon! =P


  1. @Sam Wong: Wow! Thanks! Never think that a guy would describe them as cute! XD

  2. wads the two thing on that deer? hahaha~~ ><

  3. @Joan: Flowers lah! You tot breasts ka? Wrong place lar! XD

  4. hi =D

    keaiyo~ =3

    look so cute , loved the sol key

    keep it up =D

  5. @Mary: Wah! Xie Xie Ni yo! I love that too! =)


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