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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Very Boring Post

Hi all! This is an absolutely boring post about a university student's boring life. However, I'm gonna end that soon because by the end of May, I will be graduated!! So happy to terminate such boring life! XD

Ok, what I wanna share in this post is...


Yes, no doubt. Must be original flavour oh! Coz I bought Sambal flavour and I really hate it! =P

Why do I love it? Because it tastes good mah! LoLz. And I'm soooo SAKAI to know that mee cup can be served without soup. SURPRISE!!! Hahaha! Stupid me. XD

The process of serving is somehow 'interesting' for me. And I'm excited to show you all! (Gila betul! XD)

This step is the same with those served with soup! XD

This's the special step. Lid with holes provided! Wait for 3 minutes~

I love this step!! Draining the water!! But have to be careful cause almost everytime I do that I'll hurt my fingers. *Tangan macam kaki*

Seasoning powder, chilli sauce, oil and sweety soy sauce are then added!!
Then, MIXING!! I love this step too! XD

Well, it's not ready yet...

Ta daa~ Fried onion is the last step and it's ready to be served!!!

Ok, this post has come to an end and I might off for few days because exams are coming. Regretting of reading this? Nah! I've told you this's a very boring post liao lor! XD


  1. 自己吃,不是小组一人一杯麽?

  2. 你要我们整组人都不健康吗?哈哈哈...


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