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Friday, May 27, 2011

Holiday Has Come!

TcPinG with thesis!! XD

That's the moment I'd waiting for these three years where I 'suffered' a lot and finally got my FYP done and graduated!! I would not call it a painful time since I enjoy my university life especially the last semester which is the semester 2, 2010/2011.

That's an indeed different semester compared to previous semesters. One of the major differences is that I had a room mate and she's an Indian. I stayed in a double room ALONE for my first year and for the following three semesters, I stayed in single room. Then, I got insufficient merit to stay in a single room so I was 'downgraded' to a double room. I used to reject that so strongly and I'd think of several ways just to get myself out from that condition. As expected, the officer didn't allow for a change. Bo bien lor! I can only accept the fact and try to get along with new friend.

To my surprise, she's a super duper friendly yet funny room mate! Sometimes, her responds and reactions were so damn cute! She's in love with papercraft influenced by me and she made me a paper-dog! Actually, one thing that I worry to have room mate is that I scare that she'll disturb me while I was preparing for exams or tests. However, things turn out to be interesting when there's someone doing revision together at the late night. And she always asked me to wake her up if I heard her alarm. XD

And I still remember there's once I got so frustrated with the revision then I told her that I wanna bang my head on the wall and she answered me :" Do you need my help? " !!! My expression was =.=" at first but then I laughed out read loud after that!

Okay, another difference is that I got closer with my friends. I used to lock myself in my room after dinner and then slept at around 12 or 1am every night. Due to the cell group, I got closer with my friends especially my dear Joan Tang and Hua Sien and there were several 'ladies talk' carried out that we chatted until 5 something in the morning! That sounds crazy but I enjoy it! I've never tried that in the previous semesters and I don't think there's any chance for me to do that after this.

Oh ya, STEAMBOAT!! We've tried that for so many times and I love the thing most when there's a group of us sitting down together to enjoy it!! And I got to know new friends such as stupid shitty girl Suok Ing and Adeline. Then, a group of us always hang out together and spend money. Hahaha! That's so enjoablye! XD

Erm.. I found that I'm out of topic. Haha! I wasn't planned to write all these but since I typed already then I'd just leave them. This should be a post regarding my thesis but now I also dunno what to write about my thesis. It's just that I was like a stupid people keep taking photos with the thesis. XD

Thesis Cover. =P

Me with the thesis but the main character is me. XD

Hmm.. If you have acute observe ability then you should realize something different on my face...

No no, I din go for a plastic surgery and it's not about the pimples...

And yes! Fake Eye Lashes!! Haha! Bought pairs of eye lashes with Hua Sien just now. They're not branded and I simply bought them for fun. Might look fake but I can use them for practice purpose. Practice makes perfect and shoo away the shaking hands. XD

Well, they looked fake. >______<


  1. Yaya Hua Sien you're right! FAKE eyelashes.. You tried dy ma? XD

  2. thesis, next year is mine turn...
    the last photo got 吓我两条下。

  3. So next year you also take photos with your thesis lar! Hahaha! Nvm, make you awake mah! XD

  4. Hahaha. Nana so funny.. not yet try. XD wait i back Bintulu play.. Haha !

  5. haha, 差一点点就mata juling liao~
    OKAY, back to topic, My dear, congratez that u free from study life
    and congratez that finished ur thesis and presentation on time~~
    I'm gotta miss u much much!! T_T

  6. Hua Sien, tomorrow you back liao mah! Haha! Aiyo, my dear Joan, don't miss me much much. Who knows later I work in Kuching then we can hang out together liao. Wuahahaha..

  7. work in KCH? Pls..don give me hope hoh!

  8. Erm.. Hard to say lar actually.. Who knws later Hua Sien also here. XD

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