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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Makan Makan At Pondok Laguna

Went out with a gang of my coursemates for dinner last night together with our lecturer, Dr. Lee. Actually it was supposed to be a gathering among Dr. Lee and his students under his supervision during FYP but thanks to Dr. Lee and also Hua Sien that I was invited as well. So happy and excited what~ XD

We went to Pondok Laguna located inside the Crown Square building. I never know the existence of such restaurant in Crown Square and that is an Indonesian restaurant! The normal me will never be interested in Indonesian restaurant but the dishes were fantabulous!!

Shing Cheng and Pey Ling at the main entrance. =D

The design near the entrance.

Indonesian Delicacies: Restoran Pondok Laguna! XD

The rice

Gulai Paku -- RM8.00
Paku In Curry With Prawn

Belado Terong -- RM8.00
Saulted Brinjal With Chilli Sauce

Rendang Daging -- RM14.00
Beef Rendang


Sate Ayam Madura -- RM12.00 (10 stick)

Ayam Penyet -- RM8.00

Tilapia -- RM3.00 per 100gm

Serundeng Daging -- RM14.00
Fried Slice Beef With Dry Coconut

Ayam Bakar Padang -- RM8.00
Grilled Chicken With Padang Style

Ok, that's all about the dishes. The taste was really out of my expectation! So delicious what!! Especially the Rendang Daging!! It was right in front of me and I was like a hungry man who has not eaten for 3 days, devouring eagerly worrying that it will be finished by others. Wuahahaha! I know I'm so 'not lady-like' but that's me! Blerk!

Then, it's photo-shooting time!! Not much photos from me. Perhaps you can wait for Louis or Pey Ling to upload the photos taken using their digital cameras. But my phone is somehow half damaged and most of the photos were blurred!! >____<

Pey Ling is so sensitive to camera!! =D

Jacqueline and Louis.

Shing Cheng is brave. =X

Group photo!! But someone was eating non-stop... =X

After the dinner, we went to Bing Coffee located at 101! Well, that's an amazing night and I'm really sincerely grateful to Dr. Lee for the dinner and coffees!! He's really such a friendly lecturer and I appreciate his advices and suggestions. THANKS A LOT!! 


Ok, when you see the line, you should know the content below is somehow related to my narcissism. You can choose to stop reading now or go ahead. But make sure you don't vomit ok!! XD



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