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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

History and Philosophy of Science

Ok, that's the title of the subject which I'm gonna sit for exam tomorrow. That will be my last paper exam during my university life. Wow, how nice to hear that but I'm so gonna be crazy soon! The contents are just too useless and they are killing me softly! A lot of questions come to my mind and I think they are worth to ponder because I am taking this course to be a biotechnologist, not even a scientist so why should I study the history and philosophy of science?? XD

What's about this course? Wait, let me recall. I've finished some of the chapters but my mind is still blank like the purest paper. KNS!! >___<

Ok, I remember the fellow Karl Popper with his contribution to demarcation by using falsification.

Then, the fellow Thomas Kuhn by introducing paradigms...

Lastly, the fellow Imre Lakatos who introduced scientific research program.

Not to forget the crazy fellow Rene Descartes who doubted on all his knowledge. Haih, crazy enough...

Descartes: I think, therefore I exist.
Me: I think, therefore I blog. XD

Hahaha! I think I'm insane too to stop doing revision but end up writing this stupid post. Whatever~! I'm so gonna create my own philosophy tomorrow like what I've done during midterm exam. LoLz! Ok. I've to start my revision right now or else I'll end up as the picture below!!


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