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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

爱是恒久忍耐         Love is patient
又有恩慈                 Love is kind
爱是不嫉妒             It does not envy
爱是不自夸             It does not boast
不张狂                     It is not proud
不作害羞的事         It is not rude
不求自己的益处     It is not self-seeking
不轻易发怒             It is not easily-angered
不计较人家的恶     It keeps no record of wrongs
不喜欢不义             Love does not delight in evil
只喜欢真理             But rejoices with the truth
凡事包容                 It always protects
凡事相信                 Always trusts
凡事盼望                 Always hopes
凡事忍耐                 Always perserveres
凡事要忍耐             Always be patience
爱是永不止息         Love never fail

Got to know this song through the famous Taiwan Drama called The Fierce Wife. Then, I got a chance to listen to it again during prayer meeting on last Saturday night. I love the lyric as I always fail in seeking the definition of love. By the way, I think the conditions stated in the lyric above is only applied to the only one who loves us with all her heart. -- MOTHERs!

My mum is a super duper nice, kind, friendly, gentle mum and I think she suits every single positive description. She is not high-educated. She did not even complete her primary school program but she is definitely a successful mum to have brought up a total of five of us with such healthy bodies and positive minds. My house might not be 100% free from dust, but the house is so damn warm and cozy with her existence!

She has given me the best support throughout these years. Sorry that I didn't accompany you always. I can't even celebrate Mother's Day with you these few years, but I can feel that you were really happy just now when I called back. You complained that you've waited for whole day but you sounded so happy at that time! Hahaha! That'd be the best gift right? XD

I'd gifted her once on Year 2008 with a cheap handphone with my own salary. Even it was cheap but it costed my whole month salary. XD After that I started my university life and couldn't be by her side so often. I am sorry for that but throughout my 3-year course over here, I felt older, wiser and certainly less naive. With age, I mellowed. (Hopefully lar~ XD) And I started to try my best to spare my time for her.

I know she will never see this because 1) she doesn't know how to operate a computer and 2) she doesn't understand english at all but still I hope my very kind yet smart brothers or sisters-in-law would translate and tell her these. Forgive me not to tell her all these in person because whether you believe or not, it's quite embarassing for me. XD

Nothing much special from me, but only a heartfelt "I LOVE YOU" and "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" to my beloved mum. =)

End this post with a meaningful story. Don't say that I'm childish because a Leo will never grow up! =P


  1. -_____________- you so bad lar! LoLz..

  2. 回家抱抱你妈妈下吧=)

  3. 不要 她会害羞 哈哈哈

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