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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoyable Moment Spent With Friends!

Finally, I had done my presentation which means that I am nearly graduated!! For now, what I have to do is to look for my examiner, do the correction for my final draft, then send my thesis for 'penjilidan' and submit it to accomplish my final task for graduation. I have been waiting for this for three years but somehow I have a very complicated feeling now. Whatever, what I am going to share in this post is what I had done with my friends -- Hua Sien, Winnie, Huey Chyi and Siaw Yin this afternoon. Woohoo~~ Be alert that this is a long post with a lot of words as well as pictures if compare to previous posts!

Our first station was Gasoline! Randomly chosen because its design is cute!

This is the main entrance which is designed like the entrance of a palace.

Love the huge and cute wallpaper at the entrance!

And this is the cover of the tables. Cute right? XD

Even the menu is cartoonized! So adorable!
Here's one thing I wanna complain. From the picture, you can see the sentence All Prices Subject to 5% Govt. Tax and 5% Service Charge but it ended up charging us 5% Service Charge BUT 6% Govt. Tax. Tipu orang punya... T^T

Huey Chyi, Winnie, Siaw Yin and Hua Sien! XD
Don't ask silly question like:"Why only 4 people??" because I was the photographer!

Not sure is it due to my low quality camera or Hua Sien's shaking hand, that's a blurry photo!

Left: Winnie's Kiwi Milk -- RM5.00
Middle: Huey Chyi's Lemon Tea -- Included in Set Lunch
Right: My Blue Ocean Soda -- Included in Set Lunch

Comments: Winnie's Kiwi Milk was really weird. Not to say a bad taste but it was really weird that it didn't taste like Kiwi at all. Might be due to the presence of milk. I didn't try Huey Chyi's Lemon Tea and My Blue Ocean Soda was just a very common soda drink and it was not special at all. Disappointed. =(

Had been playing around with meitu just now and these were all the food we ordered!

Huey Chyi's Lemon Fillet Rice -- RM9.90 with a drink

Hua Sien's Butter Fish Fillet Rice -- RM7.90

Siaw Yin's Cheese Baked Chicken Chop -- RM15.90

Winnie's Portugal Fish Fillet Rice -- RM7.90

My Marmite Chicken Rice -- RM9.90 with a drink

Comments: Huey Chyi's Lemon Fillet Rice was okay and Hua Sien's Butter Fish Fillet was quite tough to be chewed! Siaw Yin's Cheese Baked Chicken Chop was the best among us but Hua Sien said that the taste of the cheese was weird. Besides, Winnie's Portugal Fish Fillet was spicy! Now only I know Portugal style is spicy! LoLz! Then, my Marmite Chicken was okay too but to be honest I was quite disappointed. In conclusion, you can try this restaurant for sure but I WOULD NOT recommend it. XD

After lunch, we went for the movie Pirates Of Carribean: On Stranger Tides!!

This is an American adventure fantasy film and the fourth installment in the Pirates of the Carribean series. In the film, Captain Jack Sparrow is joined by Angelica in his search for the Fountain of Youth, confronting the infamous, reali-life, legendary pirate Blackbeard. It is directed by Rob Marshall, written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. (Wikipedia).

Comments: It's quite a long movie with around 2 hours and more. It might be boring at some times but in general, I think that it's quite okay and the effects are so cool! Of course, there are some scenes which are scary and my dear Hua Sien was scared for several times. LoLz! I would not yearn for life as a pirate although it is full of adventures. I'm too old for adventures anyway. By the way, I am so in love with the mermaids!! I don't know why but I just think that the mermaids are cool!! Although they are scary in this movie in which they drag the males into the deep sea, force them to mate and finally the males will be eaten. However, the mermaids have the suprenatural power to heal and to confer the power to prevent drowning by kissing. Can you imagine, if you were a mermaid with the so-damn-pretty appearance but somehow you are dreadful and dangerous!! That's cool right?? Ok, this movie is recommended and worth to watch if you love adventure fantasy film!! And I am sure that the photo below show my stupidity. XD

I'm sorry if this causes discomfort. XD

Nah, a normal photo of me. Forget the previous photo. XD
Grabbed an ice-cream for each of us at SugarBun! =D

After that, we went to Da Light for dinner!! =)
Huey Chyi and Hua Sien's Spicy Fried Mee -- RM4.50

Winnie's Dry Fried Noodle with Soy Bean Paste (炸酱面) -- RM4.00

My Fried Prawns Rice -- RM5.00

Siaw Yin's Spicy Hot Noodles (麻辣面) -- RM5.00

Comments: Huey Chyi and Hua Sien's fried mee was really spicy!! You can try if you love spicy food! And Winnie's noodles was very salty! For mine, of course it was nice as I had recommended and blogged about it before! I did not try Siaw Yin's noodles but she said it was very spicy!! XD

Bought that for RM3 each at Unaco! So cheap oh! XD

Can you see the meow meow in the dustbin? Found them when I went back. So cute yet so pity. But still I wonder how could two cute little kitties push down the huge dustbin??

Finally, it has come to the end of this post and I am soooo tired and sleepy!! Goodnight everyone! XD


  1. Ya! The mermaid me! Wuahahaha.. Damn stupid..

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