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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Makan Makan At Taipei 101 Taiwanese Food

I had done with my last paper exam of my university life this morning so Ivy, Hua Sien, Winnie, Sin Ling and I decided to go out for dinner at Taipei 101 Taiwanese Food Restaurant! Although the exam was really hard, we just let go! XD

That was my third visit to Taipei 101 Taiwanese Food Restaurant located at Ground Floor, Lot 11597, Blk 16, Jalan Lapangan Terbang, RH Plaza, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
H/P: 0109680886 / 0168597775

The cover of the menu. XD

Interior design of the restaurant.

Menu on the wall. Some names are really funny! XD

Left: Sin Ling's Lemon Juice -- RM3.00
Middle: My Lime Plum Juice -- RM3.00
Right: Ivy's Honey Lemon Juice -- RM3.00

I din test their drinks but my Lime Plum Juice was so damn sour! Sin Ling's Lemon Juice was not sour at all! Haha!
Winnie's Hot Green Tea -- RM2.00

Hua Sien's Ice Blended Kiwi -- RM3.80

I had tried this and it tasted sooo kiwi! You should have a try if you love kiwi! And that's really a lot that Hua Sien couldn't even finish it! Haha!
Sin Ling and Winnie ordered the same food which was Stewed Pork Mince with Rice -- RM5.00

Hua Sien and Ivy ordered the same food which was Stewed Chinese Mushroom and Minced Pork with Rice -- RM5.00

Both of them tasted good but I don't really love them because I'm not into pork. But the mushroom is somehow attractive. Hahaha!
I'd ordered this -- Fried Rice with Egg -- RM5.00

Don't forget that I'm an egg lover so how can I resist that? LoLz! The taste not bad lar! Just ordinary fried rice nothing much special. Haha! After that, we went to Boulevard for shopping! It's been long time I din go shopping lor! So happy what! LoLz!
Saw that at Boulevard and it costs RM680!! >___<

Yo! The big big wolf shooting game machine! Honestly I really feel like to play it but the button is hard to press so I give up. Besides, I surely look childish and stupid if I really play it. XD
No comment on this. Photo taken just because they are cute not because I wannt play it ah! =P

Oh ya, I bought two clothes from Fashion Girl. Haih, everytime I have money with me for sure I'll spend it! Bo bien, Leo is always generous in money spending. That's a bad habit I know but I just couldn't change it! Haha! XD

Hua Sien said that the left one is nice and Ivy said that the right one is nice. I couldn't make up my mind so I bought both since they are not expensive. Both of them cost me a total of around RM70. That should be acceptable right? I'm generous in money spending but at least I wouldn't 'cin cai' spend the money! =P

Satisfied with the outing and now I'm going to sleep since I slept for few hours only last night due to the stupid philosophy exam. GOODNIGHT everyone! Sweet dream! =D


  1. I feel like wanna spend my $$ too.
    BUT no one accompany me shopping here! ARGH!!!

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