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Monday, May 16, 2011


Planned to write this post few days ago but I don’t know why the blogspot site was not available. Moreover, I have moved to the upmost level of Block B and it's pretty far from the computer room. What I am going to share in this post is NICKNAMES! I bet everyone has his or her own nicknames since young right? I'm not excluded and yeah, I have A LOT OF nicknames!
I have my very first nickname since I am born. My family is somewhat superstitious and they used my time of birth for some kinds of fortune-telling and they say that I am lack of one of the elements which is ‘wood’. Then, my grandmother named me Lily with the Chinese character ‘梨'. Why? Because the Chinese character ‘’ is made up of the word ‘’ and ‘’. The ‘木’ means ‘wood’! By the way, I am not using the name Lily so please don’t call me that ok! I won’t respond one! =P

Lily Lily.. Lee.. Lee..

Ok, from Lily to Ah Lee. Ah Lee is the nick which my family and relatives still calling me until now. Now you guys know why my family calls me Ah Lee but not Ah Chui, Ah Ping or whatever since my name is Tie Chui Ping right? But, why PEARL? How does it related with PEARL? In Foo Chow language, the pronunciation of Lee=梨=PEARL! Then the pronunciation of Ah Lee= 鸭梨=PEARL as shown in the picture above! Ok now, you have known me more right? XD

Cherry is my nickname during my primary school period. Don’t ask me why cherry because I also don’t know why cherry. Haha! I had a gang of close friends at that time.  There were four of us and each of us got our own nicknames. The elder is kiwi, second is strawberry, third is star fruit and I am the youngest, Cherry. They named me such way so I just accepted lor. By the way I am grateful that they din name me Chili! LoLz!

This was my another nickname when I was in primary school. If I'm not mistaken the nickname creator was my dear cousin Ching Tieh!! The game DIGIMON was sooo popular at that time and I was bad luck enough to be called a Vademon a.k.a. 宇宙脑魔!! I guess they called me so due to my big head. LoLz! Not really big head but more precisely, a bulgy forehead. T^T

Thanks to my bulgy forehead, I was called a flowerhorn cichlid a.k.a. 罗汉鱼 when I was in form 2!! Since it brings the meaning of luck and prosperity then I just accepted it happily lar! LoLz!!

Yes, I was used to be called a giraffe when I was in Form 1! WHY?? I don’t look like a giraffe, do I? Haha! That’s because I was taking part in the high jump during Sport Day. Yes, no doubt, HIGH JUMP!! What a ridiculous event I joined despite my damn fat body shape at that time. And then one of my friends, Yvonne Chee who is currently studying at Korea named me giraffe after the event. However, the nickname giraffe din follow me for long. I bet the nickname creator Yvonne also forgot about this already. LoLz!
It is obvious why people call me Teh C Peng. What?! You don’t understand? Ok. Read out my full name for 10 times then you’ll know. Haha! Yaya! The pronunciation of Tie Chui Ping is close to Teh C Peng! I was called Teh Chi Peng while I was in Form 2 and until now, some of my coursemates still calling me Teh C Peng oh! I have a senior who's been called Teh C Peng too and I have another tuition teacher who's been called Teh O Peng. Yeah, the TEA FAMILY. Haha! XD
Yo yo~ FLY~~!! The nickname FLY started to follow me when I was in Form 6. I joined the PPS at that time and all of the AJK had their own nicknames. I was called a FLY and until now I still don’t know why they call me a FLY? Do I look like a FLY??? Let's compare..

Is it because I am noisy? I don’t think so. Then, is it because my a-little-bit big eyes? I’m not sure too. Anyone can answer me? By the way until now some of my friends still call me a FLY when they see me. Haih, I have no way to defend so I have to accept. Yes, I am a FLY! But I don’t love sh*t! Blerk!
During my university life especially first year, I was known to be a gorilla with two of my friends. Three of us were called Gorilla 1, Gorilla 2, and Gorilla 3. Btw I have forgotten the sequences. And it's really sad and pain to say that one of the Gorillas is with the Almighty God now. Hope she's fine in the heave. =')

Oh ya, when I found the gorilla pic, the first thing that came to my mind was :" Walao, this gorilla got S body shaped eh! So sexy!! " XD

Those are all the nicknames I could remember. Did I miss any? You can remind me or share with me your nicknames! I bet some of the nicknames are really funny! Haha! After this post, I'm gonna continue with my slides for presentation on this coming Wednesday. Wish me luck ok? Thanks a lot! =D


  1. WOW u have a lot of nicknames! I only know Teh Ci Peng and I prefer to call u TCP. =D

  2. Hahaha! Yalor. After I finish the post only I realize I had so many nicknames!! LoLz..


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