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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Be The Way You Are

What do you think about the pictures above? Naked woman? Oh no! Although that was my first thought as well but those are actually paintings by Titan who was an Italian master artist of the Renaissance. The first picture was entitled Venus with Organist and Cupid and the second one was Venus With A Mirror.

Well, I am not going into history or being artistic here but yes, the focus is still on the naked woman but please remove the word ‘naked’. XD

“Venus” is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, representing the epitome of femininity. With the title “Venus”, it is obvious that the great artist was trying to illustrate and paint the ideal woman during that period as the one you see above.

The problem is, if such girl exists in this era, would she be considered as the height of feminine beauty anymore? The answer would definitely be NO for majority. At least I am one in the majority. Such girl in this era would be tagged as “dinosaur” for sure.

Yeah, a female dinosaur. Might be cute but no one likes it! XD
We have been greatly influenced by the negative impact of the media that being skinny = being pretty. Therefore, almost every woman wants to lose weight. Even some of my friends who are NOT FAT AT ALL would LOVE to complain every single part of their bodies. They would not be satisfied until they have achieved size zero. However, achieving size zero is harmful.

1. Anemia

Anemia is a serious disease where there is a decrease in number of red blood cells or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood caused by being skinny due to malnutrition.

2. Dizziness

Any sudden movements, for instance, a sudden departure from where you sit may cause mist in eyes and severe dizziness. Again, this is due to unbalanced nutrition which affects the blood circulation to reach vital organs intensively.

3. Diarrhea

One of the excessive weight loss causes is that the metabolic rate is much faster than it should be. Therefore, diarrhea occurs.

4. Irregular Menstruation Cycle

This is common to be seen in girls who become too skinny in a short time. All the changes in the body including losing weight cause to start irregular menstruation cycle.

Another major issue is: Aesthetically speaking, do you really think it is PRETTY to be too skinny? Have a look at the pictures below.

So, do you think they are PRETTY or SCARY?? I’ll choose the latter. XD

Young girls need a new and better message that men in fact do not want a girl who looks like she only eats a few croutons a day. Women should love their bodies, their skin, their hearts and minds, and if a man does not love her for what she has, then he does not know what love is.

Well, during the time I type all this, I am hypnotizing myself not to bant since I’m not far from the so-called ‘Venus’ in the first two pictures. LoLz! And yohoo, I am so gonna enjoy all the super tasty delicious food regardless my body weight!

Yeah, that’s the main message of this post. XD


  1. 各人有各人的審美觀,不予批評,但是真的沒有見過有人喜歡瘦到皮包骨的!


  2. hahahaha, u may consider to put suok ying's picture~ Lolz

  3. Thanks for commenting 冥の組長.
    Joan, if only she allows me to take a picture showing her rib cage lar~ If not cannot show how skinny she is mah! XD


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