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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hate Keeping Fit? Go Mauritania.

My first pic on blog after having hair cut and dying it marshmallow brown. XD

Let's move back to the title. HATE KEEPING FIT? GO MAURITANIA.

I was intended to record my new song this morning but then I realized that my sound was similar to a duck's quack. Say thank you to me because I have saved your day. LoLz. Ok, then I spent my time with the National Geographic Channel and it was talking about the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

What's so special about the mentioned country? Honestly I never know the existence of such country. Let's have a look of its map. 

Oh great, I know Algeria and Senegal at least. Heard about Senegal from FIFA World Cup many years ago. Haha! Nowadays, every girls are busy keeping themselves slim or at least, hoping to have a slimmer body figure. What's the extent of being slim? Normally, it's endless. 

However, in Mauritania, thing is seen from a completely different view. IN MAURITANIA, BIG HAS BEEN CONSIDERED BEAUTIFUL!! That's the point I ask you to migrate to Mauritania if you hate to keep fit because you can be one of the most beautiful girls over there!! It definitely sounds crazy. 

Believe what you have seen. That's the so called pretty girl aka leng lui in Mauritania. Fatness is considered a marriage asset in woman. All those skinny models on magazines are ALIENS in their eyes. =.=

Another crazier thing about them is GAVAGE where the girls are being force-fed normally with camel's milk to gain pounds. The practice may start at a young age and continue for years. And it is not a rare thing to see young girls being choked to death while being forced-fed!! OMG!! How could that be?

Ok, we are fortunate enough to have our rights to decide what kind of body figure we want? (Erm, why do I feel that the sentence sounds silly?) However, it shouldn't be an endless job. We must know when to stop. BUT HOW??

Ideal weight: Height-112 (kg)
Arm: Height x 0.16 (cm)
Bust: Height x 0.53 (cm)
Waist: Height x 0.37 (cm)
Hips: Height x 0.55 (cm)
Thigh: Height x 0.32 (cm)
Lower leg: 28-34 (cm)

I guess.. It's time for me to KEEP FIT because after applying the golden measurement, I have exceeded the measurements for every parts except the bust!! SHIT lar. Since I'm getting fatter these days so I think it's just the perfect time for me to be real serious in this matter. I don't wanna be a huge hippo on the stage during my convo on this coming October! Hopefully I can reduce to the perfect size. Hmm, that's a very tough job. 



  1. Haha, don't faint lar. Be awake and face the reality. =P

  2. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. XD

    Ah, and I totally saved that Golden Measurement thingy up! I have no idea there's such thing!

    Awesome, now I have a guideline when it comes keeping fit!!! =)

  3. There are different kinds of Golden Measurement but more or less the same. I am glad that you learn sth from my blog.
    Good luck keeping fit. Although I dunno whether you need to keep fit not. XD

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