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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Makan Makan At Hong Fu (洪福)

Photo taken last night. =)

Planned to update this post this morning but I was too tired. I slept at around 3am and woke up at around 7am. This post is about the food at Hong Fu, a famous restaurant in Sibu. Most of the people in Sibu know about Hong Fu regarding its super delicious food such as crabs (I am always craving for this), Philippine Pork Leg and etc.

Since the restaurant has moved from Jalan Pahlawan to its current location near Medan Mall, their business is always extremely well until you can't imagine the numbers of customers!! It's very common if you go there and then you found out there's no table available even though their sizes are around three or four shops. There are around three or four times that I went there for crabs but finished already! Until now I haven't tasted the crabs since they moved! T^T

Last night, my family and I went there and we were lucky enough to grab a table although it was located VERY FAR. The second last on the road. Yes, they placed their tables at the parking lots and yet they are still always full! I guess one of the reasons is that their food is served in a short time even though they are full! You don't have to wait for a long long time!

My mum and sis. My sis was so happy to go out! XD

My dad and Clement. 

My bro, Panjang Tie, sis-in-law, Jennifer Wong and Elaine.

Can you see that we were actually having our dinner on the road? LoLz! Btw, I din take photos of the dishes because I was busy eating and then I forgot to take photos. Hahaha! However, we went there again this morning before going to church for its dim sum! I love dim sum very much honestly. Hehe!

Well, I never know Hong Fu provides dim sum in the morning and some of the dim sum are not bad ler!

My Favourite Dim Sum. XD

Nah! They looked not bad right? The Char Siew Pau (叉烧包) was ok, acceptable and the Har Kaw (虾饺), Siu Mai (烧卖) also acceptable. I din try the Fish Ball but Panjang said it was not delicious! Haha! Then, my mum said the Fish Tauhu was nice but I din try. I din try the 猪肠粉 also but they said not bad lor! Hehe. Sometimes, it is nice to wake up early and go for breakfast which makes you feel fresh! But I think that thing won't happen on me because I always stay until late night and then wake up at around noon time. =X



  1. haha, u still can bring ur sis out.. I cant bring my sis out.susah dia walking...LOL..
    makan banyak banyak ohh~~

  2. 我姐很好笑咯,她很兴奋,所以会不知觉的提高声量,然后回去的时候可能坐太久走没有几步还没有到车就麻痹了,在路中间大喊大叫,还要我哥哥退车来载她咯.哈哈哈哈!!


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