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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday To Panjang Tie!!

Today is Panjang Tie's birthday! Happy birthday to you!! If you are reading this, please don't forget to click the ads for me like how I taught you last time ok?

Err, Who is Panjang Tie? He is my second brother who is super duper handsome and also extremely stupid yet funny brother who always comments funny thing on my facebook. Haha! The above Angry Bird cake is his birthday cake bought by my so damn pretty sis-in-law. Cute right? XD

We had already celebrated his birthday in advanced yesterday. Honestly I planned to update this last night but I happened to be busy so I postponed until now. Hehe..

I found this pic so funny. Actually there's a story behind this. Steven is my elder brother's youngest son. Yesterday, he was also here celebrating Panjang's birthday. Panjang asked for a gift but Steven didn't prepare at all. Then, Panjang grabbed Steven's top (陀螺) as birthday gift and Steven started to act as the picture shown above. Well, Steven was really being funny sometimes although he can be real naughty too. =P

A pic of handsome Panjang with the Angry Bird Cake. XD

All the delicious dishes prepared by Jennifer!! Yummy Yummy!! ^^

Of course, the entertainment after the dinner was playing around with the spinning tops! 

A spinning top. =)

How Old Is Panjang Tie??
Count The Candles On Your Own!! ^^


Again, this is an update of me myself. Photos taken yesterday before going to church. Oh ya, I have been going to church continuously for two weeks. Clap for me for that! LoLz..

Once again,
Happy Birthday to Panjang Tie!!
~The End~


  1. happy birthday to panjang...

  2. Haha! Yaya! Happy birthday to Panjang! XD

  3. Sam Wong, you can order one for yourself on your birthday too!


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